28 September 2011

Diary Inserts for 2012 - Part 6 - Filofax Mini

This time we take a look at the Filofax Mini size. Part 3 covered Filofax own brand A4 and A5 inserts. Part 4 covered Filofax own brand Personal inserts and Part 5 Filofax own brand Pocket size.

Before you dive in to selecting a diary insert for your Mini Filofax, you need to remember that the ring size for the current range of organisers is only 13mm, this might limit choice of diary insert, depending on what other pages you have in your organiser.

So after that note of caution, let us take a look at what is available from Filofax in the Mini size.

Week on Two Pages: Like the Pocket range of inserts the Mini inserts follow a similar pattern with equal space for each day in the week.

This style of insert is also available in cotton cream (multi language) and in pink.

France has one with appointments:

Or the Swedish version which is just lined:

Week Per Page: Again like Pocket this style comes in Week Per Page and also Week Per Page with a facing Notes page:

Day Per Page: Day per page is available in cotton cream, but beware that Filofax warn that you might only be able to squeeze 6 months of this format in to the Mini rings.

Month On Two Pages: These are available in Month on Two page format.

Year planners are also available in horizontal and vertical formats in the same layouts as other sizes.

In the next part of this series we will be looking at printing your own diary inserts. 


  1. Wow, there is much more of a selection than I thought there would be for such a small organiser! I've never investigated the mini size, so it's nice to see what diary inserts there are for it. I never thought there would be DPP for the mini size! Although the £11 price tag is HIGH! I like the WO2P with appointments, I could use that. The WO1P must be TINY!

  2. Isn't it plain stupid that the Mini gets to have DPP inserts in Cotton Cream, and ALL THE OTHER SIZES NOT??????
    What on earth were they thinking when they contemplated this ...????

  3. heh heh jotje!

    i have recently been experimenting with the mini - it's just so freaking cute but i'm not sure it's right for me even as i use it for just a wallet/shopping/lists/notes. i'd rather just carry the compact with everything in it - unless i'm going really minimal, then it's good, i guess. i do love that orange though (orange finsbury). as far as the cream goes, my guess is that because you really are limited in what you carry in that thing both in amount of pages and size, ummm,,, well, yeah, actually, you're right not very fair. perhaps they'll be printing more dailies in cream for the other sizes cough cough cough