15 September 2011

A5 and Mini

As Monty Python once said.. 'And now for something completely different' If you have never heard of Monty Python then that joke would have gone whoosh over your head!

Anyway back to the script... so what do you get if you take an A5 Filofax organiser, and two different Filofax Mini Diary inserts? An A5/Mini hybrid of course.

Now I'm not sure if Filofax did this deliberately or not, but you can get two inserts to fit inside an A5 Filofax without them overlapping. Now this might be a useful 'feature' for storing Mini pages may be, especially as they don't make storage binders for the Mini, but they also fit Pocket anyway so I suspect most people go down that route.

So here's one I prepared earlier.....

Here you can see I've mocked up my idea, think of the top page as if it's a page per day Mini diary and the lower one is a week on two pages insert or any other type of insert. As you can see you will be able to turn the pages of both inserts independently of each other. You could have Mini Today markers for each one. So it gives you quite a bit of flexibility in the one binder.

Now of course the downside to this slightly 'wacky' idea is the reduced page size, but you could easily cut A5 pages in half with your own designs on them (landscape A6)

I doubt in all seriousness that anyone will try this idea for real, it was just an interesting concept idea I stumbled upon and just had to share it with you all.

I think I've mentioned the ability of Mini size pages to fit an A5 Filofax before, but the focus then was as a storage binder. I guess looking at all the different diary insert options this last week or so sparked off this idea again!


  1. That is an interesting idea. It could prove useful for uni for jotting down a quick note instead of having to use a sheet if A5. When and if I get one I will definitely keep a stock of mini paper inside. Thanx

  2. It could also be a handy 'To Do' list.

  3. On a similar note. If you make a small diagonal cut to the top or bottom corner of a Personal page it will fit in an A5 filofax.

  4. That is a brilliant idea. I'm getting back into my filo again (after a brief stint of falling in love with my android!) and am looking for ways to make it feel more organised :)


  5. Following on from Gareth's comment, you can do the same with a mini page to fit it into a personal. (tested this week with a mini year planner and a slimline adelphi).
    Haven't decided on my main diary format for this year yet - or planner size - but as I always have a year planner I've decided to try mini for the year as it fits in all the planners.