22 March 2011

Mini as a Wallet

You might recall that I got a Finchley Mini a few weeks ago. It's not been tried out other than be admired. But as I'm in UK at the moment I thought I would give it a try as my Wallet/Filofax just to see....

Without the need to carry my passport everywhere whilst I'm here in UK, the mini works just fine.

The two card slots in the front are tall enough to take my four cards by overlapping them, so you can see all four cards when you open the organiser.

The mesh pocket is great for keeping coins in, and the full back pocket fits bank notes and my old style paper UK driving licence a treat.

I still have my Pocket Chameleon with me, but I find the Mini easier to open and extract things from in shops. It slots in to my bag or my back pocket so much easier... but don't sit down!!

Yes the diary space is a little more restricted, but I suspect with the correct choice of diary insert and with a sensible choice of other pages the mini could be made to work as a wallet/purse for most people who didn't want to carry anything too large around. I will carry on using it for the next couple of weeks and see what my overall experience/impressions are.


  1. A timely post for me; my Guilford mini just arrived yesterday!

    I'm starting to prep it for use as a wallet and Dutch on-the-go phrase book (for my upcoming move in 2 weeks to Flanders).

    I pulled out the diary pages immediately, and loaded it with plain,unlined paper. I left the index tabs in and also put in plain tabs. I plan to use the index tabs to make a mini-dictionary and the plain tabs for sections for words I will need for the grocery store, pharmacy, etc.

    I am very pleased with this mini, and am looking forward to using it as my wallet/Dutch life line. I would post a picture, but have already packed the camera.

    One question: the mesh pocket is very cute, but how hard is it to pull coins out of?

  2. Please don't post any more! This makes me want to get a mini!

    Seriously, looks great. I love finchleys. Have a good time in the uk.

  3. T, what a brilliant use of the mini with A-Z index!

    I've always considered planners smaller than the personal too tiny to be useful (and I have very small and neat handwriting); the brilliant ideas and pics on Philofaxy are starting to convince me otherwise.

  4. I'm liking my mini Piazza so far as a wallet. The only thing I keep in it is note paper for shopping lists. I have to try to keep my filos very minimalist or I go nuts and they get too fat to close.

    I really love the idea of a dictionary for more often used words and phrases. Seems easier than carrying around a full "pocket" dictionary (which is usually the size of a thick paperback, NOT a pocket).

  5. Thanks M Ng and Leslie!

    I'll be very interested myself in seeing how it will actually work "on the ground", but am looking forward to trying it.

    After using it for a couple of months, I definitely plan to submit a post about it.

    Leslie, you are so right about "pocket" dictionaries, and Dutch is even worse! The pickings are slim, and since it's the Dutch who learn to speak English, rather than the other way around, normally, their "pocket" dictionary is in 2 volumes!

  6. Loved reading your updates. I have never used a mini before but like the idea of using one as an idea book to carry around in my bag/car - any excuse!!!

    Hope you are enjoying your travels...

  7. T, I'm VERY interested in your mini idea! I'm learning Japanese, but the dictionary is so big I can't take it anywhere with me. Maybe next time I go shopping I'll spend a bit longer looking at the minis!

  8. I look forward to hear how you like using the Mini. I have just ordered a Mini Finchley in green through a European site, but do not expect to get it before May when my sister visits and brings it along. I have already planned out in my mind how I would set it up. And as T, I would also remove the diary and replace it with notepaper. It will be fun.

  9. For over ten years I've been using the Lizell wallet/planners they used to sell as my main wallet. I love having everything in one place. It's a little bulky and when my last one wears out (I stocked up a few years ago and bought two, so I'm set til the end of the decade) I'll buy a Filofax Mini. I do have fits of wanting to ditch the Lizells so I can get a Finchley Mini that will match my beloved Finchley Personal-- they would look so cute together!


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