16 February 2018

Free For All Friday No. 483 by Anita

I admit that I'm not a great fan of winter and was diagnosed with Seasonal Affective Disorder some years ago. Thankfully I'm able to keep most of the symptoms at bay through using a light lamp, getting outside and exercise etc. However, one main symptom that can affect my planning is lack of energy. Due to this, I've learnt that winter isn't a suitable time of year for me to start big projects or take on too much. Some times it's frustrating as I want to get on with things, but I know that it can be too easy for me to feel overwhelmed when I'm tired. Therefore, each autumn I look at my projects list and consider any tweaks that I need to make, e.g. postponing until the spring, or breaking something down further to make it easier to manage.

Do you do something similar in the winter, or for other health reasons?

Of course, since it's Friday, all ring-bound planner conversation is welcome!
Have a great weekend.


  1. Hi Anita - I too suffer from SAD and use my organiser to deal with it. From October to March, I take vitamin D supplements, diary a daily 30 minutes around noon outside (even if it’s cloudy and rainy!) and ensure my SAD lamp is always used at my desk. I allow myself an extra hour in bed through the winter months to combat tiredness and log my hours in bed. I also ensure I take a winter outdoor holiday - usually skiing or hill walking to maximise exposure to the limited daylight.

    My logs, going back 20 years, show how self-discipline has worked for me with fewer ailments, migraines and general lethargy I used to suffer far more. Good luck!

  2. Hi Tim,
    Sorry to hear that you also suffer from SAD.
    Thanks for sharing as it's useful to hear about how other people deal with it. Even in bad weather, I make myself get outside as it would be too easy to just hibernate which I know doesn't help.
    Thankfully spring is nearly here for us in the UK :)

  3. I am recovering from major emergency surgery. Back home now, but the lack of energy during this recuperation period is driving me up the wall!! Pain,and recovery involves painkillers and a vicious cycle here of pain,painkillers,sleep is at fault possibly. Any tips to maximize energy levels and help with planning will be gratefully appreciated. As the poem goes, I'm not waving, but drowning most days!! xx