23 February 2018

Free For All Friday No 484 by Laurie

Steve's recent post on using Outlook together with your paper planner got me wondering if anyone uses only a paper planner for planning anymore?

I don't use an electronic calendar of any kind: all my planning is on paper. But I know I'm in the minority these days.

Many people have to use an electronic calendar system at work, and some also need one to coordinate family schedules.

Other people like to decorate their planners and keep their appointments electronically, then add them to their planner the week of along with their stickers etc.

Am I the only one who uses only paper for planning?

And as always on Fridays, feel free to discuss and/ or ask anything ring binder related!


  1. My beloved Filofax has gone rusty and nobody can tell me why except look up on google how to remove rust! I have 4 currently and this is one of my newest yet this has gone rusty? PS paper planning all the way 😊

    1. Possibly a stupid question, but which part(s) of the Filofax have gone rusty? How long have you had it, and are you using it in any environments which are very moist and/or very salty? I think it's very unusual for a binder from any maker to go rusty - have you asked Filofax themselves? They're normally very good at responding and replacing, if required, where there's a manufacturing weakness.

    2. No it’s not a stupid question, it’s the rings and the middle of the back bar on the left side. We have lived in Spain for the last year, so it can be humid. But, we currently have 4 Filofaxes, mine (findsbury A5) is the second newest out of the 4 yet mine is the only one gone rusty. I have had it about 6 years but as I say it’s not our oldest. I contacted customer service and they just told me due to age and usage there is nothing they can do, research rust removal on google.

    3. Hmmm. There was a period when Filofax was owned by venture capitalists and the quality of their products went right downhill in my opinion. I don't know when that was exactly but it might be the period when yours was made. They are now again privately owned and they seem to have re-discovered their mojo, though that's of no help to you. The customer service can also be a little hit and miss. They replaced a binder I had when the zip broke even though I didn't ask them to and it was well out of guarantee, so I would have expected better from them in your case. I can only put your issue down to poor quality components.

  2. I’d describe myself as an analogue planner because I still use a paper planner A5 Filofax but with my own designed pages including calendar pages, all based on David Allen’s GTD methodology. I always take notes on paper and either scan or write them up digitally if I need to. I use a digital calendar but mainly as a reminder system. Without making an ageist comment, if you grew before computers were invented, analogue habits maybe tough to shake off, but today’s youngsters have grown up in a digital world and may not see or value paper as a medium.

  3. Paper for planning and Outlook for meeting reminders. I find it is easier and faster to reference my planner than to keep track of everything electronically. This is especially true when traveling and you not find a connection.

    Another plus to using a planner is that I receive great satisfaction when I can cross off an item on my task list. Somehow deleting it on my computer just isn’t the same.

  4. Paper for planning and Outlook for meeting invites to others at work.

    Much prefer paper for planning and love using one of my various fountain pens to write in it.

    Like the flexibility and freedom to try out various inserts over time, modify the organization of the binder, etc.

    So, all in all, a more more enjoyable and satisfying experience.


  5. I decided to forgo my weekly insert with a crease I designed in Word. I do not want to frequently fold and unfold those sheets. Thus I designed a different weekly layout without a crease on a sheet.

    I have a file of my weekly structure without holidays and one with holidays. I designed my monthly format and some templates for projects in the same program. I like customizing every aspect in Word such as inserting a check mark above a column and deciding the color of the column. I insert as much information on the monthly format with grids in Word and then print the sheets and write notations with a pen or pencil on the paper. I like the approximate A6 sheets of my layouts. I do not want to draw shapes on the layout on the computer with the instrument of technology or draw shapes with a stencil and a pencil on the paper.

    Last year I purchased some small bound notebooks and drew the formats on the lined or grid paper. I do not relate to this way. I know that I probably stated it was fine in previous comments. I prefer my formats in Word and rely on technology and paper.

  6. I could easily give up electronic reminders for tasks and to-dos, but the routine things would fill up my paper pages. So I prefer to keep the non-routine tasks on paper and the routine ones that repeat at fixed intervals as electronic.

    Most of my planning is done on paper and only put on my electronic calendar so that other family members know of my planned trips and appointments ahead of time.

  7. I have never used any other planner than paper, I think partly because I’ve been doing it for so long, and I’m probably a bit lazy. I see no need to fix something that isn’t broken. True, it may not be quite as efficient, and I do admit to some redundancy, I copy some things from my planner into my EDC, but I’d much rather write it down twice than to forget it once! I know planner peace, and am not about to change it.