13 April 2010

Filofax Change Holder

Following a tip off from one of our readers (Simon) I was able to buy a 'new' Filofax Change holder off eBay. It arrived today and I've added it to my Slimline wallet/Filofax organiser.

The seller on Ebay had obviously found some old stock from somewhere because she was selling change holders in leather and credit card holders in leather. I'm not sure when these were last available from Filofax? But mine is new and no sign of any use at all, it will need a little bit of the special leather treatment polish to loosen it up a little I suspect.

In order to get it to fit in to my slimline I had to take out about 8 blank pages, but I still have enough paper in there for my immediate needs, I will go through the contents a little later to see if I can refine it further.

The pockets on the change holder are nicely gusseted  so it stays flat and only adds a little bulk with coins in it. As you will see from the photograph there are two pockets, large and small. 

Previously I've been keeping change in an old wallet in my backpack, but the addition of the change holder is the perfect addition to my slimline.

For information it's embossed with fILOFAX  MADE IN ENGLAND REAL CALF 'CH' and the finish is very similar to the leather of Finsbury, so they go together very well.

I'm sure there are a few of us that would love Filofax to offer these sort of accessories once again. 



  1. The leather accessories are at least 20 years old by my reckoning. They use the old style product codes that I'm fairly sure were phased out by 1988. I bought these as well to add to my collection and I was amazed at the excellent condition they were in.

  2. Hi, I bought one as well, as well as the credit card holder - and...
    I got the 5/4 black winchester - oh, baby - it's so stiff and new.

    pay attention - more stuff is coming I'm told. And did you see that duplex - ohhhh.

  3. I felt very smug today. I was with a colleague in our on-site shop queuing and discussing the date of a forthcoming meeting, so I had my Filofax in my hand (Slimline) and I then it was my turn to pay for my lunch, so I just flipped to the back of my Filofax, got the correct change out...

    Oh you should have seen the look on the shopping assistants face... envy! I think I might be asked more about my Filofax next time I'm in the shop and there isn't a queue!!

  4. @The Rev'd Blair
    Do you know what sort of 'stuff' is coming at all?

  5. That duplex offer was just too much of a temptation for me I'm afraid. By far my most extravagant Filofax purchase. I would be happy to do a guest post some time on these.

  6. Hi
    Yes we would love to hear about your experience about using a Duplex binder. The pros and cons of this format, what you keep in each half etc.

    A guest article would be great. You can find our email address on the 'About Us' page link at the head of the blog.


  7. Re: Simon

    No, the seller just said to keep at it. If you notice, there are some older LEFAX (read the history pdf) binders available - not cheap -

  8. I know we're months later but I really need this product. Haha. I'm a stage manager and having my cards in one place, my bills tucked in my filofax inside pocket, and my change in the bottom of my purse is NOT okay anymore.

    Anyone have any resources out there? Ebay is turning up nothing.

  9. Steph, sadly unless some more come up on Ebay you aren't likely to find any. They were old stock from the 1980's

    Which Filofax do you use at the moment? An alternative is the zip envelope that is available in some Filofax sizes.


  10. @Steve: thanks. I work at a stationery store, so I've seen the zip envelope, but I just know I'll tear it to shreds. Already need replacement credit card/business card holders after a couple months. Might have to though if I don't find anything.

  11. Hi everybody,
    I am selling one Filofax Change Holder on eBay : http://www.ebay.fr/itm/-/321941425968?ssPageName=ADME:L:LCA:FR:1123#shpCntId

  12. I REALLY want one of these, but a search of the likely outlets, including eBay, has been fruitless. Does anyone either have one for sale or know of one being sold please?

    1. ...plus either the 5 or 9 slot leather credit card holders - refs are 5PCL and 9PCL

    2. An alternative, get one or both custom made by Van der Spek. I will be seeing Petra in a few weeks time I will take mine with me to explore the options

  13. Keep checking on Ebay, there was two auctions on Ebay USA this week! If you control carefully the vintage winchester models hold it one or more!



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