11 June 2010

Free For All Friday No. 82

Well Friday is here again. I've been busy unpacking, and it was a relief to find my box of Filofax things (spare inserts, organisers, punches etc) in a specially highly visible box! So that side of life is back under control.

Planning the move was one thing... now the other side of the move is another thing. My Filofax organisers are of course helping me with the zillions of things to do and remember. I've even brought my Filofax Pocket Finsbury back in to use again, it's great for those last thing at night 'I must remember to do x or y tomorrow' type notes. I will also try and find time to write about something other than about moving house!

Anyway thank you for all your best wishes. But as it's a Friday, let us hear from you all as to what you have been doing with your Filofax lately...


  1. Well I think I have found the best set up possible for my planner. I have managed to get my six sections the way the I want them and I don't feel any need to move things around or change anything. The best thing about this is that I am now actuall using my planner as I have always wanted too, as opposed to being a slave too it. I have all the information that I want to carry in my Filo and room to capture more. All I need to do now is get the right label tape to type labels for my tabs and I am 100% sorted.

  2. Happy Friday everyone! My A5 Finchley has been working very hard for me lately. At the global conference I attended in Last Vegas it turned out to be very helpful with the pad of notepaper that I had to quickly jot down customer information, and the post-it labels for the subject dividers that I keep in the front card pockets (thank you Laurie for that advice) proved very useful as well when we had to flag several pieces of ID badges. I also used the clear envelope to store all my receipts ($70 USD for Starbucks alone!). Back home I cleared and archived all sections relating to the pre-conference. I'm now using two sections - one for final customer analysis from the conference that I will keep "live" for next year, and a section for studying for the PMP (Project Management Professional)certification I want to go for no later than the end of September. Thus the Finchley comes with me to all study breaks, etc. Great for note taking, etc. FYI, I've often posted that I was always a "one-filo-gal)it's all due to you all that I finally came round to realizing I could have more than one filo! xoxxox (Now I want to learn how to do Flickr so I can post some photos - I love how you can point and make comment boxes! - need to learn how to do that).

  3. happy weekend everyone :o) I wonder...this blog is full of filofax fans (thanks god for that...till I found this blog, I was thinking I'm a little bit weird :o)
    Are you also crazy about what you use as writing instrument ? or is it something you don't care about?

  4. katka.m,
    Funny you should ask that. I think a lot of us are "nuts" about what we write with. I drive myself crazy looking for the write pen or pencil as much as drive myself crazy looking for the best planner.
    I have so many different pens and a ton of dollars invested, yet my favorite "cheap" pen is the uniball micro 207. The Cross, Lamys, Heros, and Pilot VP are bueatiful and I love having them but it's pretty easy to lose them at least for me. So carrying a Uniball at $6.00 for 5 is what I am doing right now. I also have a Lamy CP1 ballpoint that fits perfectly in the Filo pen loop and writes very nice. On another note, I am still struggling with the Filo sizes in that I try to use a personal but want to go to A5 for more space. The problem is 50% of the days at work doesn't require that big of a planner. It's the notes that I need to keep and reference that I'm having a problem with. I have been looking at Time System for next year in A5 but my problem will be spending those dollars for a "chance" that it will work. Right know I carry a Filo Finchley and a reporters pad for notes. Seems to be working but I'd like a better reporters pad as the ones I find in my area are not made very well.

  5. good to know, I'm not the only one :o) I'm carrying Montblanc Boheme ball pen (love of my life) with my Guildoford Slim, which is always with me. BTW I just love the feel of Guildford leather. I think it's the best filofax ever. Then I have Red Domino A5 at work, where I usually write with my vintage Parker 51. Right now I'm saving money for Sailor 1911 :o)
    Regarding that reporters pad, I've been quite happy with Moleskines. Have you tried their Reporters notebook?

  6. I must be the big exception, cos I really love only one writing instrument: the ultracheap BIC refill pencils. Sort of compensates for the money spend on Filofaxes, haha!
    @Gregorym: I'm using Time/system A5 with my Filo. Did you know that the templates are downloadable for free? You could test-run it and decide later on if it's a keeper. I'm using the 2 pages/day for my work filo and don't think I'll ever change that!

  7. Silver Elixir I'd love to hear more details about your sections!!

  8. Laurie, I have been struggling with my info section. It is quite big, with info including books to get, books read, authors, details of companys I use (phone/electricity), goals, school info, home info, product wish list, movies seen, movies to get, cute things my son has said,Filofax, iPhone, moving, Millie (my dog), web, wish lists, quotes, ideas, parenting info... This is all filed alphabetically. I tried using A-Z tabs to define them all using one tab each, but some letters are not represented so that was a bit of a waste of precious real estate. Using 26 tabs made this section take up half my Filo.
    So after some fidling I have found a system that sits well with me. I have my To Do tab first, including projects. Next is a section for me, where I keep a list of priorites and thoughts to journal about later and other personal stuff. Then I have my calendar - week on one page with notes opposite. This is followed by a section that I use to track my budget and create my weekly shopping lists and menu ideas. The budget and shopping are separated using a homemade top tab.After this is my adress/phone numbers section. I do have an iPhone, but after 2 replacements I have learnt the hard way about having a hard copy backup. The next section is the one that makes my big A-Z section work for me. It is just note paper. Instead of having random blank plages in my A-Z section that might not be in order, having them in their own section means that I can title the page and then write on it what I want and then insert them into the A-Z section the next time I have my Filo open. This works cause I am always coming up with new pages to add to my A-Z section and this way I can do it neatly. My A-Z comes after my note paper section and is separated with another homemade top tab.
    I hope all this makes sense!


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