18 June 2010

Free For All Friday No. 83

It's Friday! Yay!!

Things here on my end are really gearing up. Summer is in full swing, and I'm spending a lot of time with the kids at the pool and on the playground. At home I'm doing lots of move preparations and getting things ready to go in a couple of months. For my lists and preparation info I have multiple Filofaxes going and sometimes that adds to the confusion. I'm thinking of streamlining somehow.

What's new in your Filofax life these days?


  1. I totally get the "confusion" from having multiple Filos. As much as I love the ones I have---their small ring size is problematic. I must confess--I use a huge FC classic to keep my professional life in order.

  2. I'm dipping my toes into an A5. I got it put together at rock bottom prices (binder, Dodopad diary, and enough note paper to fill it three times) by buying used.

    I like it.
    And that's the problem.
    I'm back to carrying multiple binders.

    It's an ideal page size. It encourages you to use it.
    But it's a boat anchor compared to my Every-Day-Carry Personal size.

    I need an inflatable Filo. A Personal size that balloons into an A5 when in use.

  3. Additional thoughts:

    I do have a "system", it just requires more hardware now than it used to:

    Calendar and events: done online.
    Personal: Contacts and reference information.
    A5: note taking, this is the book I have in front of me while on the phone.
    A hardbound diary: this is where completed events, tasks, payments end up being recorded.

  4. I'm moving from my Slimline back to a personal size. So I need to reorganize my information but also need to decide what I'll do with my slimline binder. I have a few options on mind but need to decide. In the end, I may end up going back to the slimline as my planner on the go - we shall see.

  5. I started to use my first filofax this week.
    I'm a third year vet student and as the work load and commitments have increased, I've been kinda disorganised for the last term. Last year a friend gave me a botanicals mini filo to take backpacking round Australia and it was great. So I dug it out, ratched through it decided it wasn't quite right and then hit google.
    I found your blog, and inspired headed out on a hunt for a Personal size filo.
    My mum bought a songbird cover design filo for me, as a gift for graduation this summer.
    It's amazing.
    I have a year planner for clinical rotations next year, week to 2 pages for the rest of this year, to do lists, notes on whatever I need and somethings I don't (eg a wishlist for fishing books) and contacts for placements, vet school, friends whenever I need it.
    I've even joined your flickr group and added some photo's!
    Thanks for the inspiration!

  6. PS pics if anyone wants to have a look:

  7. If I may transpose from Thich Nhat Hanh:

    "There is no way to streamline. Streamlining is the way."

    On a flight to Tokyo in 2000, I sat next to an executive calmly writing some careful notes in a black leather planner with a Uniball Micro. Dunno if it was Filofax or not, but the size was Pocket (which the Japanese call "Mini.") BTW, the Personal size the Japanese call "Bible"! Twas a Zen moment, as I realized this high-powered dude was able to focus on the important while eliminating the extraneous. And you don't need a 1" ring A4 for that--in fact it gets in the way. Portability is the key, which is not to say you can't have a "Bible" or an A5 back at the ranch. When I got back to the States I bought a Pocket Executive, which I use as a wallet also. Setup is similar to Richard (see his Slimline post). My only problem now is that FFUSA doesn't sell a "slimline pocket" anymore. When this one wears out, I'll have to order a "Guildford Extra Slim" from FF.CO.UK. More's the pity.

  8. Thanks for sharing your photos, worldexplorer.

    I am now using a pocket Urban in olive color. I used to have all my notes on a personal size, black Amazona and a black mini Topaz as a mobile extension.

    I copied a few pages that I needed to have with me on to the pocket Urban. And I use a 3x5 notepad in cases I can't or do not want to carry the pocket Filo on quick errands.

    I also use a multi-Filo setup. The trick is to establish hubs depending on the type of information you have. JJ gave a good example on how that is done.

    I think I first read about establishing hubs at DIYPlanner.com.

    Also, here is an interesting article I would like to share with you all regarding the "back to paper" movement: http://communicationnation.blogspot.com/2005/11/why-techies-are-leading-back-to-paper.html

    Happy weekend, everyone.

  9. DJ - FFUSA does sell a Guildford Extra Slim. It's listed under the Personal size. As I understand it, it's the same ring size as the Guildford Slimline but is narrower so that it fits into a jacket pocket better. I don't know if it's the exact size you're looking for, however.

  10. kanalt: thanks, but I'm looking for a POCKET Guildford Extra Slim* (81mm x 120mm pages) rather than the Personal or Slimline (95mm x 171mm pages). The Pocket Guildford Extra Slim appears to only be available on Europe FF or Japan FF sites. Even with that, I lose the pen loop that my Pocket Executive has, but gain a narrower wallet by losing 10mm in width. How did I know my neighbor on the flight was a "high-powered dude?" The vibe, plus the fact we were both flying in BizClass, which I NEVER take, but Landor was paying.

    * Kinda like the one John Steed used in "Dial a Deadly Number," (Avengers '65) but THAT'S another story...Now THERE'S une idée for Filofax; The Special Edition John Steed Avengers Pocket Filofax. Would that sell, ya think? Is the Bear Catholic?

  11. The Steed Filo, naturellement, would have to have Patrick Macnee's signature embossed (inside, not outside--more tasteful). Patrick, who turned 88 in February, lives in sunny California like me (him Southern, me Northern). True, Avengers are a tad "old school," at this stage but so is Filofax, n'est pas? Part of their charm, old boy. If there's a James Bond NATO G10 nylon wristwatch band, why not a John Steed Filofax? OK, I'm an Ideas Man, which is why I always carry a Pocket Filo in the first place. But hey, Filofax, do I have to do EVERYTHING around here? ;)

  12. Not embossed, DEbossed signature, like filoFAX and the model name, inside cover.

    "God is in the details."--Mies van der Rohe

  13. File of Facts: Born 1921. Patrick Macnee: Born 1922. Coincidence? OK, as the majority of Filofax users nowadays are the ladies, OF COURSE we would have to have an Emma Peel Edition. True, it was never seen in the series, but as she was always at least as competent as Steed (if not more so), we can infer she owned one as well. Maybe a whole line in 60's "POP/OP" colours. Debossed signature: Dame Diana Rigg. OK, no more caffeine* for me this morning.

    * The Affordable Alkaloid

  14. Here is a fun filofax post:
    A Filofax Love Affair! www.galadarling.com

  15. The quintessential Mrs. Peel Filofax would have to come in black rubber. I say, steady on!


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