21 June 2010

Alternative Filofax uses

We've talked about this before, but I'd like to see all the different ways Philofaxy readers use their Filofaxes beyond diaries and contacts.

For example, I use my personal Domino as my Scotland travel Filofax.  Yvotchka uses her gorgeous slimline Amazona as her Financial Filofax to keep track of expenses and bills (love this!).  I know Steve uses his Slimline as a wallet.

What other uses do you have for your Filofaxes?


  1. It's not reality yet, but I'm seriously considering buying an A5 Domino to use as a personal cookbook, especially to collect recipes from my grandmother, mother, and friends.

    I just need to figure out how to get one without all the inserts that I don't have any use for...

  2. I use my vintage black leather personal filofax as a notepad, track of my finances, monthly social calendar and most importantly, a sketch book! It's great to have my 'fun' filofax as well as the huge A5 one I use to plan my work life!

  3. Some alternative Filofax uses:

    2 overstuffed A5's = bookends

    5 overstuffed Personal size Filos = door stop

    A5 spread open = mouse pad

    thick, overstuffed, leather Filo; any size, with a long string tied to it = anti-annoyance projectile device with long-distance retrieval capability

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  5. I use my Domino as an archive for maps, addresses and information for travelling. Depending on where I go, I take out what I need and put it in my "everyday" Filo.

    And I got a special Filo (Indie) for my Filomaniac blog, to keep track of posts, notes, ideas and everything.

  6. As an airline employee that does a lot of international travel, I accumulate a lot of foreign bills, loose change and local phone and rewards cards that, if left unsorted, is simply waste of money and time! Therefore, I have decided to come up with a dedicated Personal size Filo for these alone. As one might guess, I'm using zip-lock plastic envelope for each currency. Looks pretty neat with different currencies inside. It's a breeze when you need to buy something at Duty Free or anything locally. You don't need to fumble through your stuff and extract each coin out of your wallet to check if it's local or not.

    The best part is, I can remove whatever currency I need and put it in my take-along Guildford slimline.

  7. @JuliaG
    Have you considered ebay?

  8. Lyon what a fantastic idea!! I need to do something like that.

  9. @joffreyca
    Now that is what I call 'thinking outside the box'!
    Loved the 'anti-annoyance device'. Might seriously consider getting a new Filo just for that purpose :)

  10. Yeah, try it Laurie. Especially if you also do a lot of traveling. You'll love it :)

  11. Okay, here are my various Filofax solutions:
    * A5 Finsbury for Work (contains so much vital info that I might as well shut down business if I ever loose it! Good thing it never leaves my desk ;-))
    * Mini finsbury as wallet, diary reference book on the go, general shopping list and shopping listed per store, menu planner, library tracker and ToDo-satellite
    * A5 Domino with tab for each of my kids, which contains all notes on PTA meetings and other schoolrelated appointments/agreements
    * Personal Domino as Financial Planner (many thanks to Yvotchka's inspiration!) with the following tabs: daily food/necessities; car; pets; drugstore; stationary; home refurbishing and decoration; kids; clothes/shoes; presents/trips.
    I've currently added some diary pages in the front for my household chores. This is a test run for 1 or 2 months. I will then either switch to a separate Personal Filo or to a Organised Mum Life Book.
    So far it's brilliant to have those lists written out per day. (I'm doing the Flylady Zone work.)
    * aand a Travel filo (probably Personal size) is currently in contemplation/preparation ;-)

  12. I've a Cuban A5 that I use for all of my household records; from vet records for each of my furpanions to detailed history of appliances/ household services (purchase dates, warranty info, when it was serviced and by whom, etc) and paint brand/ colour swatches -- it's in there!

    I use an offbrand Personal sized planner (I haven't found anything analogous on any planner site, ever) for inspiration boarding, goals, calendar overview, love notes, receipt-catching, wishlisting, sketching, and dreaming.

    I love Lyon's currency idea, but all I ever have are euro.

  13. I use a Mini Kendal as a wallet.
    Jotje: I use the Urban as a travel Filo, and I highly recommend it. It has a slot in the inside back cover with a detachable notepad and on the outside it has a zippered pocket that is really useful for carrying different currencies. And the front cover comes with a secretarial pocket where you can stash your boarding pass and passport.


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