08 June 2010

Traveling Filofax

This weekend I am going to Croatia for a few days, which I am very excited about!  Has anyone been?  I've heard it's cool.

But, you know what that means for me: Travel = Planner Crisis.  You would think I'd have this figured out by now!!

To my credit, often when I travel it's to Scotland, and I do have a designated Filofax just for traveling to Scotland (which works great for me and I love it).

But my current situation is this: I don't want to bring my A5 Domino on this trip.  I have tons of work stuff in it that I don't need or want to bring with me.

I'm only going to be there for a few days, but there is certain information that I need to have with me: emergency and medical info, contacts, travel reference info and numbers, etc.

So, I've decided to turn my purple personal size Finsbury into my Travel Filofax for non-Scotland travel.  And, what a great opportunity to try out the Travel Journal Lifestyle Pack that was very generously given to me as a sample by Brigitte at Filofax in London!  You can expect to see my review soon after I get back!

I know there are some Philofaxy readers that have a designated Filofax specifically for travel.  Tell us about your Travel Filofax!  What do you keep in it?  What are your pages and sections? Do you use the Travel Journal insert?  Give me ideas and suggestions for mine please!  :D


  1. Just write everything (the essentials) on a piece of paper and put it in your pocket.

  2. Hi HP,

    That would seem to make sense, but I just have too many pages and therefore need something to hold them in (Filofax being most convenient). Traveling with kids requires having much more information on hand (especially in the Emergency and Medical section, including OTC meds dosage charts, etc.) than I ever needed back when I used to travel adults-only.

    Also I like to carry my maps, which change depending on where I'm going. Then there's my addresses for sending post cards, reservation details, the list goes on.

    I like to use a Filofax for things like this because it holds it all together securely, and I can change it at will and carry exactly and only what I need for that particular destination.

  3. I would go for something cheap and durable in personal size myself for a travel organiser. Something like an Identity, wipes clean, it's going to break the bank if you go to the beach. And not too tragic if you lose it.

    Have a good trip


  4. Steve, that's why I love my Domino so much for my Scotland Filofax. The cover wipes clean easily and holds up fine in rainy weather. To be honest I'm very tempted to get another personal size Domino for my Travel Filofax. I love the new Lavender color of course, and the Slate and Electric Blue look great too. Then again, that natural Snake color is beautiful...

    Maybe a future purchase! :)

  5. My husband & I have been to Vrsar/Croatia in 2002 with some Polish friends. That was in December, so it was rather quiet... I guess, it's much more fun in summer! We went there for skydiving actually, as it's much warmer in Winter than it is in Poland - or in Germany, for that matter. (In case you're wondering: no, I'm not a skydiver, but my husband is, so I'm spending lots of time on dropzones...)

    As for me, I'm currently preparing my Indie for our summer holidays. We'll be travelling to the Netherlands & Belgium in July, so right now I'm collecting information, addresses and maps... As you probably know, I love to have maps in my Filo!

    Have a great & sunny time in Croatia!

  6. Have a great trip! One of these days I'll email you about my Slimline's trip to the UK during the Summer '09 - Filo had a starring role during the trip - plus Filo even got to go alone on a whole plane trip without me (reason NOT to bring a fancy filo on a trip or at least don't leave it in the pouch of the airplane seat!). Filo did happily find his way home to me.

  7. @Michele: glad you got it back! Next time leave a camera with him, so filo can take some pictures of his adventures ... ;-)

  8. I've one advice, based on personal experience: bring your packing list! During the course of the vacation, I keep record of what items I desperately missed, and add them instantly to my list. I also keep track of things that I packed and never used. I tend to overpack, but my lists have evolved so much that it's getting better and better. Also the packing itself is accomplished in a much shorter time (may I point out that I travel with DH and our four kids?).
    Another important thing are website login codes. I finally found internet access last vacation, only to discover that I couldn't remember the login name and/or password and thus couldn't check my mail. That's what happens when you bookmark extensively at your home pc! ;-)

  9. Jotje you are right, a packing list is absolutely necessary. I travel with my husband and our two small children, and I quickly learned not only to write a packing list to help figure out what to bring, but to KEEP it to refer to every time we take a trip. We go somewhere every couple of months, and I found myself re-writing the same list over and over. Now I just refer to the list (which evolves--no more diapers to pack!) and keep it in my Filofax for easy reference.

  10. I hear ya! This summer I'll have my first diaper-free trip aswell! Such a relief!


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