02 June 2010

Philofaxy mentioned in branding article!

Our blog was mentioned in this article about the Filofax brand and its enormous appeal.  Cool!


  1. Taking over the world one step at a time ;)

    A lovely mention.

  2. You know, I purchased my Mac because, yes, I did like iCal - however, compared to my "made in England" vintage winchester with all my notes, and scribbles and ponderings - ical is like a kiss from my cousin - it's nice, and all that - but it just doesn't feel right. you know.

    I don't despise technology - nor am I a luddite. It's just, well, if I can be a minister here - I need stuff to be "incarnate". Stuff isn't bad - it's what we're made of, it's what God created... stuff, leather, paper, poodles, the iron of the eiffel tower. And my filofax (es - plural) keep me in touch with stuff. Not that I have more stuff than you or anything like that. Just, well, it's nice and it fits and it smells good and my ideas are in it - it's a symbol of my stuff.



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