14 June 2010

Dumping Digital Technology...

There's no mention of Filofax in the article... but it is a fairly natural progression that would lead to people going back to a Filofax if at the moment they are dependent on their phone, PC, PDA etc etc.

Take a read of the article... on line!! And then turn off your gadgets and gizmo's give your brain a rest and then sit and write something about your day in your Filofax.... 

Name the best thing that happened to you today, no matter how small it was.. record it and in a few years time you can look back and smile about it..



  1. I have to admit it felt really good to be technology-free for my entire weekend away. I too get caught up in the cycle of email-Twitter-Facebook-blogs. Living life out in the world and not thinking about cyberspace at all for a few days was liberating.

    But what did I do as soon as I got home? Logged on, of course!

  2. Still have not picked my first filofax; my wife Erin would like me too but I just got an Ipad and what I'd love is a filofax "cover" for it with all the nifty holders inside. Filofax is missing the boat not producing its great leather in covers for these gadgets and others like iphones.


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