08 June 2010

Look what I have just found!

OK I am still unpacking... but I had boxed all of my Filofax things in to one box, that was well labelled and I found it easily the other day.

Then this afternoon I was unpacking yet another box....I'm sure someone is repacking them at the other end of the house! And I found a 1980's DIY index, still in it's plastic wrapper, still sealed with the price tag on it. As you can see I didn't even want to open it to scan it!

I can remember buying quite a few of these for a project I did for a friend of mine, this must be one of the left overs!

She was using a Filofax binder (bought empty I presume) to create a training manual and she got me to create the pages for the manual by printing on to Filofax fan fold paper... I still have some of that too... but no printer that will take it these days!

The section index had our own lettering on it that spelt out PARTNERS on it, but I forget what it stood for, it's a long time ago now!

I know you can get similar blank indexes these days but you actually cut the tabs to your own length and then stuck them on with these old ones. 

Anyway click on the picture and see something from yesterday year!

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