28 June 2010

Travel Journal review

At long last, here is my review of the Filofax Travel Journal insert!  This was very generously given to me as a sample by Brigitte at the Filofax shop in London.  (Many thanks again to Brigitte!)  Sorry it has taken me so long to post a review! I wanted to wait until I had the time to give it the time and attention it deserves, because this is a very nifty packet indeed.

I didn't take photos of all of the features of this packet, because you can flip through the pages on the Filofax Travel Journal Lifestyle Pack website.   But I did take several photos to show you many of the features and to give you an idea of what it looks like in action.

The main part of the Travel pack is the Journal section:

Each 2-page spread has space to record your plans for the day (general itinerary, things to see and do, people to meet) and to write your memories.  I like the little icons you can circle to indicate the day's weather.

There's loads of cool pages to help you plan your trip and keep you organized along the way.  The Travel Itinerary pages give you a place to consolidate all your transportation and lodging information.  The Personal Information pages give you a one-page directory of your ID numbers, doctor and dentist contact info, insurance and medical information.

The Currency Converter pages are extremely useful for helping you keep conversions straight:

A world map is included with a transparent overlay so you can trace your route on the map:

There's also a cool chart of Where on Earth to go.  I like having a traveling wishlist!

My favorite part of this pack are the lists.  It took me more than a decade of traveling to figure out just how incredibly important preparation and packing lists are.  The Travel Planner lists are in the form of a countdown: things you need to do for Advanced Planning, Not Long To Go, One Day To Go and And We're Off!  I cannot stress enough how important lists like this are!

Also there are several pages of packing lists in categories like: Essentials, Equipment, Clothing, Accessories, Style & Hygiene, and Health & First Aid.  I especially love that your Filofax is included in the list so you don't forget to pack it!

There are several pages of rip-off notes for those moments when you need to exchange contact information with someone:

There are pages to write household information so that when your neighbor calls to tell you your pipes have burst, you can call your plumber to come fix it even from abroad:

An essential part of travel is keeping control of your finances.  The better you manage your money, the longer you can travel.  With this in mind, Filofax has included several pages to help you figure out your budget:

And keep track of your expenses along the way:

Other features include 6 blank tabbed dividers and a transparent top-opening envelope for ticket stubs and other papers you want to keep.  There are even a few pages of travel games for when you're bored waiting for your train/ plane/ bus.

Some other very useful pages: monthly temperatures of several cities worldwide; international clothing and measures conversions; pages for telephone numbers and websites; International S.O.S. so you can have emergency numbers handy; shopping lists; to-dos; and some blank pages for notes.

This is a very well thought-out packet that I highly recommend for anyone taking a trip!


  1. How many pages does the journal section include?

  2. Actually now that you mention it, the Travel Pack website list of pages says it has 12 months of undated weekly diary pages, which it does NOT. It has 40 2-page spreads in the Journal, with each 2-page spread intended to be for one day. (I counted these by hand so please forgive any counting errors!).

  3. Loving those budget pages!

  4. Will Filofax USA ever get these?

  5. Laurie - thanks for counting them! I was only curios...
    40 2-page spreads - even if you use them for 1 week each that would only make about 10 months. Then again, who does actually travel more 40 days a year?

  6. Re: the budget pages: not only does Filfoax USA not have the budget pages available to purchase separately, neither does Filofax UK!!! Apparently they do not make them available for separate purchase at all! I think we should petition Filofax to make them, because they are wonderful.

    They also do not make the Expenses sheets to buy separately, in that form. They do have Finances sheets that are more like a check register:


    Filofax, please make (especially) the Budget sheets and the Expenses sheets available for separate purchase!!!

    Thank you!!

  7. I would want the packing lists to be sold separately, but I guess there's no such luck ...

    @Iris: if I understand Laurie correctly, the diary pages would last for 20 days only (2-page spread per DAY). Means you can barely use it for ONE long vacation ...

    Laurie, loved your comment on "less expenses mean longer holiday". Here I was thinking you had school-aged kids that would need to return home at a certain date, even if there's still money left in your pocket ... LOL

  8. Hi Jotje,

    There are 40 2-page spreads, each 2-page spread is 1 day so there are enough for 40 days. And honestly, if you were going to travel longer than that you would need a whole additional pack anyway because you'd use up everything else in that time too.

    And yes, our oldest will start school this fall so up until now we've been able to travel until the money runs out! Then back home to squirrel it away until the next trip. It will be different to be constrained by school dates from now on!

  9. Different and much more expensive, as you'll be forced to travel during the main season. Bit of a downside to having school-aged kids (luckily there's innumerous Upsided, too ;-)).

    @ sheet numbering: can you tell that Math wasn't my favourite school subject ...?

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