11 June 2012

Pocket size, is coming alive again.

Oh yes, it's that time of year again, when the Pocket size seems to be 'the size' to use.

It's a trend we have noticed on Philofaxy before. At about this time of year we see an increase in interest in using the Pocket size Filofax organisers.

It happened in 2011, and in 2010 in August, but may be we are ahead of the game this year

So here are some of the posts we have noticed this year so far....
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Take a look at the posts and also at the wide range of Pocket Filofax organisers for sale, there tends to be a wider range of colours available in this size compared to others.

Will you be trying the Pocket size again this summer? 


  1. OOh it's like Web Finds 2.0 love it.

  2. That's funny, why is that?

    1. Could it be that...Here comes Summer? Or so we hope!

      Pocket sizes fit in...pockets...could this be the reason perhaps?

      Our only regret is that we can't produce a pocket size Dodo Pad diary insert...it is just that bit too small. We did test it but decided every diary would need a free magnifying glass with it! So our new Personal size (with a bigger grid/bigger squares) is where our perusal on 'smaller' stops! http://www.dodopad.com/shop/2013-dodo-pad-personal-size-diary-refill.html

    2. @ Lord Dodo: Available already?!? I switched to the Dodopad last month and I'm loving it! Could we perhaps see how the new format looks like? Is it available to view anywhere? (Can you tell I'm excited?) (:

    3. Lord Dodo thanks for the sneaky peek of the new Personal size diary inserts! Looking forward to these!!

  3. Oooooh no, the horror, the temptation !

    I've recently thought *a lot* about downsizing from a Personal to a Pocket, and I've had leather-envy for some time now, and all these links, right now ?! It just adds up, and now I am more envious than ever to get one !

    But again, I try and be reasonable : I went so far as to order a Pocket from the Adspot page, but connecting to Paypal and trying to have my card accepted took away some of my impatience...

    Which might be a good thing, on a budget point of view :)

    But thank you for this post, because, as I browse from one link to another, including last year's post(s), I get my Pocket-fix :)

  4. I never thought I could manage with pocket with five children to organise, i've been using an Imperial Purple Finchley in pocket size for a few weeks now and it's working out really well so for now pocket is the way to go for me, maybe if life gets busier I may need to upgrade to Personal but for now i'm happy with pocket. Another day of web finds, thank you so much :)

  5. So much to read, now I'll never get anything done! (o:

  6. Hee hee - I have just switched back FROM that pocket to a personal size (though it does feel like a brick in comparison!).
    I'm too busy in the summer to cope without the real estate that comes with the personal size though...

    And as Steph says - this is like Web Finds 2 (and I'll never get any work done!)

  7. I'm finding it harder and harder to resist...

    Pocket Malden in Vintage Pink is currently on sale at CityOrganizer.co.uk, 29.99£ : half price !

    Must. Step. Away. From. Computer. :)

  8. I keep chopping and changing from pocket to compact and back again. I love the smaller lighter pocket but need the space of the compact. Personals are just too big for me.

    I reckon women like pockets this time of year because they're usually downsizing their handbags for the summer. (If we ever get one!!!)

    1. I planned my last handbag purchase (Osprey tote from T K Maxx) around my Filofax & wallet!

      One day I'll be brave enough to sally forth down the West End with just my Filofax held casually in one hand, like some kind of eighties throwback... I do already have the big hair, bad record collection, and fondness for stretch jeans, after all!

    2. I've yet to try a compact, hoping to try one very soon once the ones i'm after arrive online :)

  9. Oooh, never for me thanks: my drunk-spider handwriting + general desire to have lots of white space on a page rule out Pocket, and Mini, entirely as main planners.

    I think the only change I make come summer is to put a note the night before: "Put eyebrow pencil in fridge"!

    That's to avoid the Frank-N-Furter look the next morning...

  10. I'm currently considering moving away from the one life one filo thing so I can leave my A5 at work during the week, and supplementing with either a personal or pocket to carry everywhere... although what would probably make most sense would be to use my Pennybridge properly - it would just be so nice to start using a handbag instead of having to lug my rucksack around all the time, and opening it to see my Pennybridge and another beautiful filo would make my day every day :o)

  11. I'd love to be able to downsize to a Pocket, but I know the pages would be too small for me. I like pages the bigger the better, and my dilemma is always between Personal and A5.

    Not to mention, if I got a Pocket size I'd have to invest in an entirely new range of inserts and accessories! It's a rabbit hole I'm better off avoiding I think.

  12. We are well into June, and I'm still deliriously happy with my A5 Filofax! Will be using the Compact Pennybridge as my travel-o-fax, but that's as small as I will go for now ...

  13. My first day alone in the house for 2 months... a family room to clean and clear... beds to change.... bunting to take down.... and you post this list of temptation and leather excitation?
    Did I get anything done this morning?
    No I did not.

  14. I'd love to downsize to Pocket but I'd need huge rings and I like seeing the whole week at a glance which I wouldn't always be able to.

  15. I just got a pocket Malden in grey in the mail on Friday. Previously, I was using a myAgenda from momagenda.com to hold all the due dates for my classes and a Color-A-Month moleskine for my daily to dos. It worked great for me, but now that I've graduated, I have no where near as much to plan. It was back to the drawing board for me. I tried using my Erin Condren planner because it's really cute and I really don't want to waste it, but I couldn't get over the Morning/Day/Night layout. So knowing I had a personal Malden in grey and loved it but didn't have anything else to put in it besides the diary section, I figured I'd downsize to the pocket size. I got it in the mail and immediately set it up. I can't lie it's incredibly cute, but I have to admit I'm still in shock at how small the pages are. I'm hoping that once I get all the stickers, stencils, and stamps I ordered off of Ebay and Etsy, I'll want to use it more. The other lingering problem is that I'm planning to use my new free-time to fix up rooms in the house (a new unforseen need for my Filofax.) A pocket seems just too small for that so it's bad, but I've already scoped out the possibility of not just upsizing back to the personal but actually going to A5.

    1. I'm redecorating & upgrading my soft furnishings this year, on very a tight budget, and found giving the project its own dedicated Filofax has made a lot of things simpler!

      I used the standard divider tabs:

      Diary - for schedules and things that need to be done in a certain order (eg paint first, carpet later! Also when to arrange to sleep on the sofa so I'm not breathing paint fumes in all night);

      Notes - for random thoughts & ideas;

      Projects - a page per item/room;

      Information - recycling days, list of shops, reminder of themes I want to include in the decor;

      Financial - staying right on track with my budget! Plus price comparisons and so on;

      Addresses - customer service numbers for shops, closing hours, things like that...

      It's really helped increase the urgency on this project in a good way, so I think if you have a Filofax, or at least a seperate section, dedicated to organising your free time projects, you won't be disappointed.

  16. I've blogged about my Pocket here http://filo-obsessed.blogspot.co.uk/2012/06/does-size-matter.html sorry still not got the hang of putting a link on here yet!!

  17. I have just upsized from pocket to personal. The problem is that pocket sized doesn't fit comfortably in my pocket, so I end up carrying it in my bag or leaving it at home. So I might as well use a personal sized one and take my bag.