24 June 2012

Filofax Pocket Size Week Per View to download

Ray recently posted a new layout in Personal size that was inspired by Filofax's Cotton Cream Week-on-two-pages.  He is now releasing a version in Pocket size.

Weekend days are afforded as much respect as those in the working week, while each week's layout begins with a 'This Week' space for notes and all-week items (for tracking habits perhaps?)

You can download this layout as a prepared set or you can download the source files to adapt the design for yourself.

Pre-prepared sets

You can download and print finished versions for this year from our diary inserts page.

Print this double-sided. If you have a duplex printer, set it to flip on the short edge. If you don't then you'll have to print odd-numbered pages and then refeed to print the even-numbered pages on the reverse. You might have to experiment to find out how to refeed the paper.

On one side of each sheet you'll find crop marks. Use a craft knife and a steel ruler to release the Pocket pages and punch them. The templates are set up with mirrored gutters to accommodate the holes.

If using the PDF be sure to set it to print at full size as explained here.

Source files

You can also roll your own using our source files. You'll need this Word file and this Excel file.

If you want to know how to go about using the source files, this post will help you.


  1. Any tips on printing to letter sized paper? (8.5x11)

  2. Just select your page size, but do not scale the page. I think that should work.

  3. It seems like the Word source file has gone missing, any chance of updating the link?

    P.S. I love that I have found other people who geek out about Filofaxes! :D