13 June 2012


British icons extend their partnership for another season 

Filofax have announced their continued collaboration with leading British designer Alice Temperley with a second range of accessible luxury organisers. Due to be unveiled in time for London Fashion Week S/S 2013, the new ‘Temperley for Filofax’ collection is set to stylishly organise your season.
“I’m so pleased to be partnering with Filofax again to create a second collection, especially following the amazing response we received from the limited edition styles earlier on in the year. A Filofax is much more than just a diary, for me it’s a place to collect inspiration, write my endless lists and juggle my life. I wanted to turn it into an accessory which can accompany you anywhere; from day meetings to nights out with friends. It’s a busy world and still so important to write things down” says Alice Temperley, MBE
The new collection, designed to provide users with a private space for creativity and ideas, introduces two new beautiful organisers: Violet and Ikat. As with any of Alice’s designs, she has looked at the way she uses a Filofax and taken inspiration from her forthcoming collections to create two exquisite organisers which combine style with functionality. The collection which effortlessly works with the looks of the season, incorporates two diverse and striking designs – from the bold print of the Ikat to the colourful luxury leather of the Violet, there is an organiser to help every fashionista capture the minutiae and inspirations of daily life.

 Gordon Presly, CEO of the Filofax Group, comments,
“At Filofax, we’re consistently looking to showcase our design capabilities and this new collection by Alice does just that. In this fast paced digital age, we’ve found that the importance and simple pleasure of making handwritten notes is very significant to our consumers, so we are looking forward to launching this collection of organisers that offers Temperley’s iconic British style at affordable price points.”
Temperley for Filofax, consisting of the Violet and Ikat, will be available nationwide and online from September 2012 in pocket and personal sizes, priced £45 - £165.

More information and product unveiling to follow in July 2012.

12th June 2012, London


  1. Have to admit, I'm quite excited for this... but Ikat...? Really?! Can't really see that selling loads. Wish the Affair and Guinea were more at this price point but to be fair, the quality control was so bad that they should have been giving them out for free! It just gives Filofax a bad name when they do things like this with no regard for QC.

    Either way, looking forward to seeing these later on this year and if I sell loads of my stuff on eBay, I may end up getting one (if they look and work ok)!

  2. I'll look forward to seeing these and at a much more affordable price range, let's hope there ate no quality issues with these!!

  3. I hope the Ikat is actually a woven pattern and not just a print of an Ikat design.

    Organisers with the look and feel of quality material and design, have in my opinion, been too few.

  4. I prefer to see them commission H. R Giger to create a filofax. That I would buy ;-)

  5. Apparently, the Temperley initiative was successful, given Mr Presly is extending it. Good to know.

  6. well I am surprised, I thought the Temperley collection was a bit of a flop all round!! Must say this price range and new design looks much more earthy and interesting!
    HR Giger.........hmmm think that might be an acquired taste lol, certainly not one I have acquired :)

  7. I am actually very surprised at this because I got the impression it was a bit of a failure. Maybe the people who bought them are not writing about them? I actually rang and asked one of the sites who had been selling them and they said they had had quite a few returns of this time, one or two because of a problem with shoddy workmanship (interestingly not the leather but the rings) but mostly because people had obviously had second thoughts about the price.

    Something like the Malden, you can tell it's been a runaway success because of word of mouth and in blogs. Temperley I didn't get that feeling although the market they were aiming for was probably small and success has probably been measured in those terms. Mm...you live and you learn. Still not tempted though.