30 June 2012

Web Finds - 30 June 2012

I went hunting for the very first Web Finds this morning, although it wasn't called Web Finds back in July 2009, they were random posts normally titled 'From the web' with all of two posts or more in it!

Whilst hunting for the first post I realised that last Saturday was the 3rd anniversary of me joining the Philofaxy team! And today... is Laurie's 3rd anniversary of being a full time member of the team, although if you look back through the archives Laurie had contributed some guest posts before then.

This week I'm pleased to say isn't as insane as the 50 odd links we had last week but still a respectable number!

I've also included a couple of GTD video's although not directly Filofax related, I'm sure the 43 folders idea could be adapted for a work Filofax.

We start with a very very special post that I insist you all read.....
  1. Guest post- Esmé's Filofax - Rapunzel's World
  2. Holborn - Familienzuwachs - Filo-Manie
  3. London 2012 Filofax - Lancashire Cat
  4. What's in my Filofax? - Deligted
  5. Filofax Dividers with a guilt chaser... - The Crazy Suburban Mom
  6. A tour of my Business A5 Filofax - My Life All in One Place
  7. my filofax week #10 - Paper Lovestory
  8. How to Create a Unique Dashboard for your Filofax | The Filofancy Way! - Filofancy
  9. Zip Pockets for A5 - The Purple Pen of Doom
  10. Pocket Malden Wallet Setup - The Purple Pen of Doom
  11. My Reading/Movie Filofax in Progress!! - Filo Obsessed
  12. My Malden at his worst... - Chaotic Perfectionist
  13. Use a Mini-Saga to expand an idea - Filofax Sagas
  14. Filo Sighting #1 - Honey & Filofaxes
  15. Planner overkill (sometimes too much is simply too much!) - We really didn't need another Filofax blog
  16. Is My Planner Failing...? And A Special Delivery To Make My Day!!! - LJ's Blog of Stuff
  17. Finsbury update - Krista's Filo
  18. Spoiled: A second Filofax meetup in less than a month - The Crazy Life of J
  19. Let The Filofax Do All The Talking - Filofit
  20. New Filofax Additions!! - Filo Obsessed
  21. (Another) New Organiser - Paper Pens Ink
  22. my current filofax set up - Paper Lovestory
  23. What's in my Filofax Pocket Rio today? - The Crazy Suburban Mom
  24. I did buy... but not a Filofax! - Pen to Paper
  25. - Belzira's corner
  26. A Sticky Note Wall - It's My Life
  27. How do you organise? - Chain X Stationery
  28. 101 Update, or should I say lack of an update!! - Filo Obsessed
  29. Enabling 101 - The Crazy Suburban Mom
  30. New diary day...... take two - You big eejit
  31. My Filofax Birthday - Life... considered, planned, organised
  32. The Pocket Baroque has arrived!! - The Wonderful Life of Alice
  33. Filofax Blog of the Week: Lime Tree Fruits - My Life All in One Place
  34. Oooooops, I did it again! - All Things Stationery
  35. A question of holes... - The Crazy Suburban Mom
  36. june; can't live withouts - Paper Lovestory
  37. Leon, my Stay-at-home Filo  - Honey and Filofaxes
  38. New dividers-ready made - Krista's Filo
  39. Book Journal - It's My Life!
  40. Geduldsprobe - Filomaniac
  41. Friday's Filofax Poll #3 - Vanjilla
  42. Untitled - From down the well

And some videos this week.


  1. Woohoo!!! Thanks for including me and thanks for making my Satruday complete with a big list of Filofax blogs to read. Loving the pic, I think we'll be seeing that on quite a few filo dividers in the near future :o)

    1. I can make the image available in the right proportions for Personal and A5 if it helps.

    2. Please be so kind to add one for Pocket... ;-)

  2. 3 years! What a fun and amazing 3 years it's been. Happy Philofaxy-versary to both of us, Steve!

  3. Love having a collection of posts like this! Puts a big smile on my face to see my own posts listed too :)

    Last weeks took me nearly all week to read through on my train journeys to work as I didn't end up reading them all last weekend for some reason!

    Right, off to do some reading and pondering what I can purchase next...

  4. I personally think that Esme should be nominated for the best commentator in the Philofaxy awards. Esme your guest post was just the best and most splendid thing I have read in a long time!!I think there are many grown ups, me included who share your love of stickers and a good Filofax.Pink is just the best colour too isn't it? And as for your chicken stickers... they are simply super duper!

  5. Happy Anniversary, Steve and Laurie!

  6. I *sorta* use 43 folders in my agenda, simply because I use the page-per-day style diary. I have the monthly dividers with the current month first and then the others behind (in order) with a blank note page so I can write down appointments, due dates, etc. without having to mess with the system I use on my two-pages-per-month layout. (Hope this makes sense to people!
    -- Wini @ postgradmama.wordpress.com

  7. Wow, thanks for including me!! I'll have lots to read today, since I couldn't get online yesterday... And I LOVE your picture!! Thanks a lot for making the file available to us!

  8. @jotje - I LOVE this idea of a pennybridge as a travel fax! I may have to think about this. Normally I don't prefer the zipped binder, but for travel, it's a great idea. Plus, I can make it into a wallet as well. Is this binder expected to arrive in the US at some point do we know?