19 August 2012

Guest Post - Lutz - Boston Pocket Organiser Review

While searching for a nice looking minimalistic Filofax which I can carry around all the time I discovered the Boston Pocket.

There weren't many reviews in the internet so I ordered one to find out if it's the perfect Filofax for me. I think the Pocket size is perfect for me.

It is very compact and fits in your jacket pocket. Also there is enough space on the pages if you don't have a lot of appointments. I like the Personal size too but I don't always have a bag with me.

After opening the nice black box I noticed a nice leather smell. The leather is also very soft and smooth. You can feel the very high quality of this product. The seams are accurate and you can't find any cheap looking details. It's a pleasure to touch this Filofax. The metal 'f' makes it look very elegant.

On the left side there are two full height pockets and an elastic pen loop. The fabric looks nice and feels very durable.

This Filofax comes with a one-week-on-one-page diary. The single days are very small but there is enough space to write two or three appointments.

On the right side you have the same pockets like on the left side. I really like the symmetric look of this Filofax.

Finally I can summarize that I found my perfect Filofax. It looks nice, feels valuable and is very portable. For some people this Filofax is maybe too minimalistic.

PS: I am not a native English speaker so please excuse any mistakes in this small review


  1. I've looked at these on Pens and Leather; they seem really nice. The rings appear to be smaller than on the malden, so I imagine it's more of a streamlined size. A compact pocket, maybe? Nice review, thank you.

  2. You write better English than most of the natives I come across!

  3. Thanks for this excellent review!

    I've had my eye on the A5 Boston because it is supposed to be a compact or possibly even "slimline" A5. But unfortunately for me, it is out of my price range. My slimline A5 search continues!

  4. Interesting to see pictures of this -especially the interior. A slimline A5 would be my preference.

  5. Thank you for taking the decision I couldn't take : decide to buy it "just to see" :)

    11mm rings, just like my slimline... And no credit card slots/zipped pouch/bill slots, for which I have no use since I don't use my filo as a wallet? interesting, indeed!

    I, too, couldn't find many "real life" pictures of this binder, and I am hugely attracted to it : I already use a metropol slimline as my main minder (also with a week per page diary), but don't have that many appointments or things to write on each day. I only have a GTD next actions lists (@home, @call, @errands, etc), some references sheets, and projects pages/lists.

    Plus, black is the new black: timeless, discreet, and less "in your face" than the bright red metropol I currently carry. And leather, which is a nice upgrade :) (Though the metropol is almost indestructible.)

    Therefore : major envy!

    I only worry about constant use, and how the metal "f" will survive: in my experience, on wallets/bags, the metal parts that were somehow binded to the leather always seemed to get our of their slots...

    But I might disregard this fear.

  6. Thanks for the review - especially of an unusual Filo. What I found super-fantastic (:)) was the symmetrical pocket design. What a brilliant idea - maybe they can incorporate this into more designs because not everyone uses the notepad at the back. And I often find there are not enough pockets on the front.

  7. Oh and PS I am an English teacher and your English is fantastic!

  8. I'm surprised at myself but I rather like the small, metal "f" on the front. I dislike very "in your face" logos, but I like this one, it seems more elegant. I just wonder how durable it will be, but time will tell. And your command of English is wonderful, by the way.

  9. Thank you very much for your nice comments. I love this Filofax more and more every day. The "f" feels very duarable and solid so I think it will survive as long as the whole Filofax.

  10. On retirement, I decided to downsize my Filofax to a pocket size. Since I didn't have near as many appointments, I thought it would be easy, and I was partially right. I went to a pocket slimline Topaz, and for the most part it has worked ok. I didn't want the strap as it seems to hang up when either putting it in your pocket or taking it out. I soon found out the pen loop did the same thing. The solution to the problem was the Guildford extra slim. It has the same ring size as the slimline Topaz, but no strap OR pen loop. It is also narrower. It is all leather with no fabric and is just a beautiful little binder, and is small enough even to fit in a shirt pocket.

    It is my opinion that the more portable the Filo is, and the nicer it is, the more you will use it. I have had to make top tabs for it, it is to narrow for the regular side tabs. I also have made my own day/page sheets, and it is easy to use it as a 2pg/day. I carry about 90 days at a time, plus a financial sheet, and a few extra lined sheets. It has worked out great. To the best of my knowledge, the Guildford Extra Slim is no longer being produced--truly a shame.

    1. I also have that one! :D Love it, although the ring size is too small for everyday use (at least for me). But I use it as my adress book.

    2. Oh, another reminder of the slimline topaz! I have been wanting the red one for a long time, and I remember SNARling telling me very vigorously that I would love it...

      Hmm, Boston seems nice, but if I were to get a pocket slimline, I'd go for the Topaz, and I've just seen it on sale at pen lovers paradise, at 37,50$ ?!?!