11 August 2012

Web Finds - 11 August 2012

Oh dear another big list for you to make your way through, sorry there are no gold medals for this event! So take your marks..... get set... go!
  1. Filofax Fail! - All Things Stationery
  2. The New Me - Part 1 - Filo Obsessed
  3. Filofax Fortnight #3 - Pride, It Leaves You Hollow
  4. my filofax week #16 - Paper Lovestory
  5. A gold day all around, for Team GB and my Filofax! - The Life of The Perpetual Student
  6. August blog challenge-Day 4 - Rapunzel's World
  7. A5 Chameleon Setup – Part II - Wandrrlust
  8. Rediscovering the fountain pen (and other favourites) - maudie.made
  9. the postman always rings twice  - Circus Life with Disturbed Mamacita
  10. It's time to buy Filofax - Nothing's Original Anymore
  11. Project FILO-PAL in full swing - My Once Upon the Moon
  12. Journalling School (3) - Filomaniac
  13. Journalling School Session 3: Restarting a Journal - My Life All in One Place
  14. Library Workers Unite: the New York City Mini Meet Up - Well Planned Life
  15. Getting Things Done when you don’t have much time - GTD Times
  16. Time management and the Professional Wardrobe? - Joshua Laporte
  17. Blog Organization with Scrivener - No Wasted Ink
  18. Strategies for Making Your Planner Work Well For You! - Homemakers Daily
  19. no time for Filo?! - Filofax Fixation
  20. The "penultimate" pen guide! - Krista's Filo
  21. The Buck Stops Here - The Zeitgeist of Zoe
  22. Aston Filofax and Holborn Zipped | First Impressions  - Filofancy
  23. spare diary note pages - Paper Lovestory
  24. A disorganized, cluttered, and imperfect joy - The Crazy Suburban Mom 
  25. Mein Compact Projekt - Regency Review - Filo-Manie
  26. New Project #1 RPi - Jarfm.com
  27. First impressions of the Holborn - Bluebonnet Reads
  28. Holidays and observances in Filofax diaries - My Life All in One Place
  29. Mulberry Goes to Work - Paper Pens Ink
  30. Leserreview (10): Boston Pocket - Filomaniac
  31. All Stars Guest Post: Angela of Paper Lovestory - Thoughts and Exploration
  32. A Formula Of Falling In Love - And It Works For A Filofax Too!!! - Vanjilla
  33. I'm going to need a bigger bag - Circus Life with Disturbed Mamacita
  34. Ten tips for selling on evil..... sorry eBay! Part 1 - Musings of a Caribbean Princess
  35. Ten tips for selling on evil.... sorry eBay! Part  2 - Musings of a Caribbean Princess
  36. A Filofax Moment - Vintage Pink Personal Malden -2ScrapAlot
  37. Crazy Life - The Crazy Life of J
  38. My Reading/Movie Filofax - Filo Obsessed
  39. Menu Planning Made REALLY Easy - Homemakers Daily
  40. Filo auf Reisen (7): Rotterdam or Anywhere... - Filomaniac 
  41. Planner Fail - Decision Inspired 
  42. One life one Filofax, or more??? - All Things Stationery
  43. The truth of how I use my Filofax is stranger than fiction - The Crazy Suburban Mom
  44. Planning your Finances and Saving Money with a Filofax - All Things Gay
  45. Somebody Stop Me… - The Zeitgeist of Zoe
  46. The Simple Secrets for Becoming More Reliable and Productive - Day Timer Blog 
  47. The Kindness of Strangers - Chimwemwe
  48. Filofax Tour 2012 - Imysworld
  49. Filofax Blog of the Week: Miscellany from a Filofax Fanatic - My Life All in One Place
  50. Episode 2 - My Life All in One Pod 
  51. Philofaxy Question: How I use my Filofax Part 2 -  The Crazy Suburban Mom
  52. Printing on Filofax Sized Paper - Zois Blog
  53. My Filofax... my life ;) - Improve my days
  54. Hello my pretty… - Cyan Daisy
  55. The Demise of the Paper Planner? - This Bug's Life
  56. Spiritual Malden Filofax - It's My Life!
  57. Where the paper comes from - Quo Vadis Blog
  58. Ask Jeff: What Size Planner Works Best for Me? - Day Timer Blog
  59. My Filofaxes - This Bug's Life
  60. Fancy Filofax Papers - It's My Life
And this weeks video finds another hour or so!



  1. 60! Plus a gazillion videos! I will have to extend it to the week days as well! :)

  2. Really, Steve! If you want us to read and watch every one of them you should provide a weekly schedule with recommended order/time of day etc!


    1. I know, it's crazy some weeks. I was tempted to put out a post on say Tuesday or Wednesday, but to be honest some weeks it wouldn't reduce the Saturday list by that many. Most people seem to blog towards the end of the week!

      Next weeks might be a little shorter, because I have visitors here on Friday/Saturday so the cut off point will be earlier on Friday.

  3. Lovely, long list which will enrich my entire weekend!

  4. HOLY MOLY it took me a long time to get through these!! You rock, Steve!! Hey, another Filofaxer who thinks the Sat/Sun gip sucks--what a shocker. HELLO FILOFAX!!!

  5. I love the diversity of the posts.

    It was interesting to read the Daytimer blog. I went on to explore their site, until I came across a video on managing distractions.... so I closed my web browser and got back to my legal essay, but not before I learned that I already do 'time boxing', I've just never heard it called that before.

    I tend to agree with comments that the weekend slots on FF calendars are just too darn small. I'm nicely organised at work, but come the weekend it all goes to pot. Love to hear how others plan their weekends to get things done in their personal life.

  6. I'm on it!!!! hahahahaha hello me!! ^^
    This has filled quite a few hours of my sat night (sad I know, but I'm ill so can't go out partying :( sad times). After this many videos I dunno if I'll have space to put anything on my Filofax! hahah It hasn't even arrived and I have a list of things to be put on it! hahahah This is very helful!!
    Thanks Steve for putting this up every week!

  7. Wow Steve... this must be the longest Philofaxy blog spots of the week yet!!! Not complaining, as I thoroughly enjoyed spending a few hours reading away. Bliss!! Better than any magazine you can buy!!! Thanks Steve for organizing this every week and of course Gromit!

  8. I really appreciate this kind plug among these awesome finds. Time to grab some popcorn!