25 August 2012

Web Finds 25 August 2012

And some more posts for your delight, these half week lists are almost as big as the full week ones from a few months ago! Fantastic really. 
  1. A few more Printable A5 Inserts - The Crazy Suburban Mom
  3. AllStars Guest Post - Ray - Things I carry with me - Deligted
  4. The Filofaxtour2012 - Rapunzel's World
  5. Trying to make the week on two pages attractive…! - Filofax Love
  6. A quick update... - My Once Upon the Moon
  7. filofax week #33 - It's Just Hazel
  8. What's In My Filofax: A5 Purple Domino. - Organise With Lauren
  9. Rapesco Adjustable Diary Punch 66-P - I'm a Filo Freak
  10. Sneak Peek Of My New Agenda! - Glossette
  11. All in the Family - The Storage Studio
  12. Penny-in-Training - Wandrrlust
  13. My new Malden - Notes in a Book
  14. Notizzettel [Filofax] - Janas Book Look
  15. Soll ich's käff? - Filomaniac
  16. Question of the Week - Fountain Pens and Your Filofax - Bryan Sherwood
  17. My filofax is still fatter than i thought - Pride, It Leaves You Hollow 
  18. Filofax spotted in the wild - This Bugs Life
  19. How do I know what Washi Tape I already own??... - Imysworld 
  20. The Best Way to Combine Outlook with Your Paper Planner - Day Timer Blog 
  21. Jack Vintage bei Filofax Deutschland - Filomaniac
  22. All Stars Guest Post by Femke: The Things We Carry... - My Life All in One Place
  23. simplicity is the key for GTD? - Paper Lovestory
  24. Filofax Weight Loss Plan Part 3 - This Bugs Life
  25. What's in My Filofax? - Bryan Sherwood
  26. Filofax and the Japanese Poundland - The Musings of Max
  27. Bamboo - Sweetpea
  28. My Chameleon - Sweetpea 
  29. Filofax Blog of the Week: FIlofax Love - My Life All in One Place
  30. Desert Island Blogs: Plannerisms - Planet Millie
  31. All Stars Guest Post by Ray Blake - How to overcome procrastination - We didn't need another Filofax Blog
  32. Introducing my filofaxes - Practically Pretty
  33. Waiting patiently- Filofax Fantasies
  34. A5 System - Wandrrlust
  35. Philofaxers' 365/30 Lists - Mish Mash Muddle
  36. What's in your filofax Friday? #2 - Hand Made by Rianna
  37. It´s time for my first real Filofax - Just Stefanie
  38. Get It Done, Girl! Lessons Learned From Daddy Darling - Gala Darling
  39. Randomness and my Filofax -  The Crazy Suburban Mom
  40. Filofax Accessories - It's My Life
  41. Filofax Paper Holders - It's My Life
  42. My Malden is here yay!!! - Filofax Fantasies
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 And this weeks Video Finds

Spot the Filofax in this next one!



  1. ooohhhh so which one is it from the commercial?

  2. I love the addition of non-filofax related posts such as Gala Darling's 'Get it Done, Girl!' ... very very helpful and inspirational ^_^ I'm definitely a fan of twice-a-week web finds!

  3. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! Who ever would have thought that there could be so many posts about FIlofax related things :o)

  4. If your blog post isn't in this one and you have just written it, it's because I was asleep! Cut off time for the Saturday morning Webfinds is around about 11pm Paris time. Or about 6-7 hours before it gets published.

    However, we are already hard at work building next Tuesday's Web Finds. The cut off point for this coming Tuesday will be about mid-day Paris time as I'm out down in Poitiers taking son to the TGV station, and collecting a client from there...exciting life!!

    It's a continuous process the creation of these posts, but it is semi-automated now, but each post and video is checked to see if it should be included or not.

    Thank you for all your feedback on the webfinds and how you view them etc. It's very much appreciated by me and it helps me decide what to include and what to leave out.


  5. Excellent selection.

    As I read the ones on procrastination I realised that I am procrastinating as I really should be getting on with researching for my essay this weekend!

  6. The procrastination post was fabulous I thought too!! Spent ages trying to decide which Filofax is in the McDonald's ad!!!! Looks like a Compact.... was thinking Chameleon.... but....... then gave up..... not very good at these things!!! I certainly would not be eating a squishy egg Muffin or greasy anything near a luxurious binder..... that's for sure!!!!

  7. The McDonalds clip reminds me of "Modern woman" by Billy Joel... I think it's a Holborn?