21 August 2012

Web Finds 21 August 2012

And here we are again with the Tuesday edition of Wed Finds, all the Filofax posts from around the web, found by machine but personally checked before adding them to the list.
  1. All Stars Guest Post by Imy: What's in my Bag - Deligted 
  2. Can I Live in a Pocket...? - LJ's Blog of Stuff
  3. Ooh – New Pretty/Functional Things… - LJ's Blog of Stuff
  4. On diary (calendar) formats - Blue Bonnet Reads 
  5. A Shocking Confession - Mish Mash Muddle 
  6. Going Digital - Filofax Compatible - Femme Musings
  7. Filofax Family – Malden & Finchley - My Filo World
  8. Es gibt ihn wirklich! - Filomaniac
  9. Filofax Fortnight #4 - Pride, It Leaves You Hollow
  10. Filofax Mix-Up on Ebay order - 2 Scrap Alot 
  11. Filofax Overhaul!! - The Wonderful Life of Alice
  12. filofax week #18 - Paper Lovestory
  13. It is official… I need a new Filofax - Notes in a Book
  14. Burj Khalifa and the Filofax. - The Musings of Max 
  15. What's in My Filofax? - Bryan Sherwood 
  16. How Do You To Do: Take Two - Well Planned Life
  17. Travel Filofax - The Storage Studio
  18. Purple Ronnie Organiser Pages in my Filofax - I'll tell you in another life
  19. All Stars Guest Post: The New Golden Age Of SF By Ray Blake - Fennell Books
  20. Filofax inserts - Mish Mash Muddle
  21. Journalling School Session 5: Role play - My Life All in One Place
  22. Journalling School (5) - Filomaniac
  23. Filofax/ Day Runner Agenda Week #1 - Make Up Geek
  24. Reasons Why I Chose Against Filofax! - Make Up Geek
  25. Guest Post by Cloudberry - My Life Grid - Thoughts & Exploration 
  26. Filofax Decision Time - Femme Musings 
  27. Today's Productivity Tip: Start a 2-List System - Day Timer Blog
  28. 30 Days of Lists Filofax - It's My Life!
  29. A5 chameleon for work - Filofax Fantasies
  30. Filofax Love: Adelphi - Said the Cat
  31. not much in my personal - Filofax Fantasies
  32. Day Planner for your A5 Filofax - My Life All in One Place
  33. 30 Lists in 30 Days - List 15 - Thoughts and Exploration
  34. All Stars Guest Post - Helen - Agatha Christie Challenge - Lime Tree Fruits
  35. Travel Story - About my Filo - Filofit
And here are the Video Web Finds



  1. I LOVE having web finds on a Tuesday afternoon!!

  2. 35 web finds, and it's not even the weekend, plus vlogs. Loving this. Thanks Steve :o)

  3. It would have been higher!! But I have been out today so that the cut off time was earlier than last week. So new posts this afternoon have started to go in to Saturdays post!!

  4. Wow thanks for featuring me so soon I'm chuffed

  5. Oh love these! Especially the vids. I love snooping into other people's lives, homes, Filo's, I admit it and listening to the various accents. LOVE that ad...thanks for posting!

  6. Love the videos they are brilliant! I hope to purchase a Malden or a Holborn soon! Check out my channel to see what's in my Personal and A5 domino filofax's :-D I'd love some followers!

  7. I love the web finds. after seeing Jen's video I think I need an A5.

  8. I love the NZ post ad! Also, in regards to the middle video (I'm so sorry - I've already forgotten who it was - the grey Malden I believe), thank you for saying who you are. I don't subscribe to YouTube and oftentimes, when i watch the videos as part of the web finds, I have no idea who's doing the videos, so thank you for introducing yourself. It helps me to put a voice with the correct person.

  9. Great to see a New Zealand ad in there; can anyone identify which model is in the video?

    1. I've just watched it again, and I think it's a Pocket Finsbury (six rings with no gap between the third and fourth, and a Fins-looking ID slot in front).