18 August 2012

Web Finds 18 August 2012

And here we are again in our usual Saturday slot, if you are wondering why the list is a little short (or not so short) today, you might have missed the list published on Tuesday, but fear not you can work through both lists by first of all going to the Tuesday post here.

So the later half of the week produced this little lot, it looks like the decision to split the list between Tuesday and Saturday was the right one!
  1. Filofax Week #31 - It's Just Hazel
  2. Understatement - Filomaniac
  3. DIY Kawaii Filofax Inserts - It's Just Hazel 
  4. 27 Dresses and 365 Days of Inserts - Well Planned Life
  5. A5 Chameleon Setup – Part III {Dividers} - Wandrrlust
  6. review: Oxford campus notebook - Paper Lovestory
  7. PR Interview with Helena Bloomer, MD of SLAM PR - Features Exec [Slam PR is the PR Agency for Filofax UK]
  8. Five Great Tips for Achieving a Work-Life Balance - Market Watch
  9. A Day in The Life of My Filofax - This Bugs Life
  10. My Compact Love [Filofax] - Janas Book Look
  11. Philofaxy All Stars 2012 - Deligted
  12. Compact Projekt - Aktuelles Set-Up - Filo-Manie 
  13. 365/30 Lists!! - Imysworld
  14. All Stars Guest Post by Femke: Mr. Bag - We really didn't need another Filofax Blog...
  15. Rapture - SNARLing Post
  16. Temperley for Filofax unveils new collection - Diary Daily
  17. A little Spot of Personal touch - The Beginnings of a Filo-Fanatic 
  18. Back to Filofax after all these years - I'll tell you in another life
  19. - Belzira's Corner
  20. All students need a planner - Mirea 
  21. Less Technology, Please! - Bryan Sherwood
  22. Another dose of filofax enabling... - The Crazy Suburban Mom 
  23. Overview: My Filofax Collection – So far! - My Filo World 
  24. Getting Organised – Filofax - Femme Musings 
  25. Why I prefer my Filofax over my Smart Phone... - Imysworld
  26. Movin' In.....To my NEW to me Crimson MALDEN Pocket Filofax - Shabby Vintage Junk
  27. The Filofax Weight Loss Plan Part 1 - This Bugs Life
  28. The Filofax Weight Loss Plan Part 2 - This Bugs Life
  29. Nice to meet! - My Filo World
  30. Travel companions – Filofax Kensington Slimline - The musings of Max
  31. The seed of an idea - The musings of Max 
  32. Inside Red - Cloudberry Musings
  33. Filofax Blog of the Week: The Life of the Perpetual Student - My Life All in One Place
  34. Filofax Competiton - Imysworld 
  35. Designer Collaborations – Yay or Nay? - This Bugs Life
  36. My current filofax/notebook usage - Pride, It leave You Hollow 
  37. Filofax Personal Portobello in blue - I'll tell you in another life
  38. Pen Organiser & Filofaxing - It's My Life
  39. Filofax Video Blogging! - It's Mr Life
  40. Home made filofax inserts - The Crazy Suburban Mom
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And this weeks video finds...

And before you go....
The wonderful Kate (The Life of The Perpetual Student) and Imy (Imysworld) have just set up a Lists group on Facebook!

It follows the 30 days of lists idea, but they have made it just for you Filofax/Stationery fans! Each month they will post a list of 30 things you can write about the next month, whether in list form, or maybe as blog posts if you like! They are starting September 1st!

Here's the link to the group on Facebook 365/30 Lists : Philofaxers 

If you don't have Facebook, no problem! Leave a comment on Imy or Kate's and they will email you the new list every month! 
Sounds like fun, I've joined, why not give it a try if you are on Facebook. 



  1. Not sure if anyone has brought this video up before...it's a New Zealand Postal Service ad..."Cinderella's Filofax" :)

    1. Hi
      I've found it, and I have added it to the Web Finds for Tuesday


  2. Brilliant selection from the web.

    So far, I have gained ideas on how to solve my tabs issue (thanks Wandrrlust), picked up tips on work-life-balance (Market Watch/Filofax) and thought of a new use for my old FF mini - to track my weight-loss (thanks Janet aka A Bugs life). And that’s before I’ve read everything else!

    Thanks Steve for including my inaugural blog – 'Inside Red'.

    Have a great Saturday everyone!

  3. Thanks for including my blog post! Cant wait to read all the rest of the web finds!

  4. Wow, I am running very late today (I am usually ready and waiting for web finds at 6am). Just finished the ones from Tuesday and now see there is a huge list for today as well - I think I am in heaven :o) Thanks Steve

  5. Thank you very much for including my blog, I only started it this month, so lovely surprise to see it

  6. Love this web finds! As usual. :)

    I did notice that numbers 23 and 30 appear to be the same post...apparently it's a very persistent one :)

    1. Removed, I will try and work out why that happened!