04 August 2012

Web Finds - 4 August 2012

Here are this weeks Filofax Blog posts. It is funny you know, I never know how many we are going to find each week, or how many videos there are going to be... out of my control, but I hope you enjoy reading and watching them all no matter how many or few there are. 
  1. More Filofax goodies.... - The Wonderful Life of Alice
  2. Journalling School - die Schule des Tagebuchschreibens - Filomaniac
  3. your filofax week #15 - Paper Lovestory
  4. The problem with having a Filofax with lots of pockets is - Pride, It Leaves You Hollow
  5. Journalling School (1) - Filomaniac
  6. Journalling School Session 2: Sustainable Journalling - My Life All in One Place
  7. Filofax Refills - Pentorium
  8. Keeping Faith: A Filofax Sighting - Well Planned Life
  9. Insert Inventory! - All Things Stationery
  10. Malden Love? - Pen to Paper
  11. Journalling School in German - My Life All in One Place
  12. Raspsberry Filofax - Krista's Filo
  13. Last Minute Buys and GTD!!! - Filo Obsessed
  14. The Filofax and the five frogs - My Life All in One Place
  15. Philofaxy North West Meet Up Chat!!! - Filo Obsessed 
  16. A5 Malden Filofax - It's My Life!
  17. Podcast episode 2 - My Life All in One Place
  18. Mein Compact-Projekt - Filo-Manie
  19. A Happy Pile Of Filos! - 2 Scrap Alot
  20. Vintage Pink Malden filofax - 2 Scrap Alot
  21. Hello Kitty and Filofax? Why yes, I think I will! - Circus Life with Disturbed Mamacita
  22. Journalling School (2) - Filomaniac
  23. Looking forward to Fall...okay, maybe not - Circus Life with Disturbed Mamacita
  24. F is for filofax! - Armchair Antics
  25. Hacking Chamomile - Lime Tree
  26. Filofax M2 Cross wallet - Minibreak Mummy 
  27. A5 Kendal Review - It's My Life!
  28. Delayed filofax holiday essentials competitions - Anita Lim
  29. Why do I love Filofaxes? - Imysworld
  30. Filofax Containment - The Storage Studio
  31. tidy thinks tidy thoughts - The Daisy Chain 
  32. Combine Your Paper Planner and Smartphone to Make SURE School Work Gets Done - Daytimer Blog 
  33. Filofax Blog of the Week: The Wonderful Life of Alice - My Life All in One Place 
  34. My Organiser - Filofax, Paperchase and Custom made - The Wonderful Life of Alice
  35. Filofax Lookbook - Ross Gunter
  36. Dodo Pad Universal Acad-Pad and Dodo Pad looseleaf diaries - Plannerisms
  37. New set-up (rapidly abandoned!) - Paper Pens Ink 
  38. Using Your Filofax for University - Paper Lovestory
  39. Zu gewinnen: Metropol in Kingfisher Blue - Filomaniac
  40. Cuban Personal Zip - It's My Life!
  41. Personal... Day to 2 Pages Diary - It's My Life!
  42. The kindness of others - Paper Pens Ink
  43. How To Make a Realistic To Do List - Homemakers Daily
  44. This was the month that was: July 2012 - My so called organised life
  45. OTF: Many True Filofaxes Guest Post - The Life of The Perpetual Student
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And this weeks video finds.

This last one isn't Filofax related, but you might find it useful if you are a blogger and you use Blogger/Blogspot for your blog.

As always... Enjoy


  1. Wow!!! Another huge list - Thank you :o)

  2. Thanks, Steve. Another great selection. Does anyone know if there's an easy way to save some of the reader videos, so you can add them to an iPhone? I'm a bit technically challenged in this area! I fly each weekend and it would be good to save some of the videos to watch on the plane. Thanks.

    1. This post explains a couple of options.

    2. There are quite a few add-ons for browsers that can download You Tube videos as MP4 format files. But you would have to do this before you went on your travels.

      Just search for You Tube in the Add-ons menu on your browser, there are several available on Firefox.

    3. Thanks gents. I got sent a link to keepvid.com which was as easy as copying the link, pasting it in and choosing download.Beautifully simple. Just need to pop them on the iphone now and I can watch videos of filo setups on the plane home tomorrow evening :)

  3. Wow, the list is growing longer and longer - fantastic!!!
    I'm looking forward to enjoying each web find the whole weekend long... :-)

  4. I always look forward to this list every week. Thanks for it! :)

  5. I too enjoy these finds. I look forward to them every week.

  6. Another good Saturday morning read. Thanks, Steve. Imy and Zoe are video rock-stars. I have to disagree with Zoe, though, about the A5 yellow Finsbury with the black interior. It does look like a bit like abumble-bee but teamed with the black inserts from Sweden it looks like a swish bumble-bee!

  7. I love seeing how other people are using their Filofaxes - and thanks for including me on the list too!