14 August 2012

Web Finds - 14 August 2012

By last evening (my time) I had already accumulated over 20 Web Finds links and 4 videos, I thought here we go again, we are heading towards another large post for Saturday, but who knows... it's all a little out of my control really.

So as a bit of an experiment, I'm posting this Web Finds 3½ days after the last one.  I will continue to collect posts for the rest of the week and I hope to post another Web Finds on Saturday.

There will be a link back to this post as well, in case people miss this one and feel a little 'short changed' when Saturday's is shorter than they expected.

Please let me know what you think about this arrangement of two shorter posts or one longer one per week. It might vary depending on how many are found each week obviously. If people prefer just the one post then we will stick with that formula.

  1. All Stars Guest Post by Deborah: Career Change with a Filofax - My Life All in One Place
  2. All Stars Guest Post: Ray of My Life All In One Place - Thoughts & Exploration
  3. Look What Came Today: Pennybridge! - Wandrrlust
  4. The reason my Filofax was such a fatty... And post diet picture - Pride, It Leaves You Hollow
  5. The relevance of “Getting Things Done”… - MacPych 
  6. Thank You Filofax Readers - It's My Life
  7. all stars guest post: your filofax week #17 - Paper Lovestory 
  8. Inside my Personal Aqua Finsbury - Mish Mash Muddle 
  9. Monthly Tabs—Vermont Style - Well Planned Life
  10. My Slim Magenta Flex by Filofax - Filofancy 
  11. The Circus Files - Circus Life
  12. If I Had To Choose Just One Filofax . . . - The Storage Studio
  13. Filofax MeetUp: New York - Lime Tree Fruits
  14. Leonie's WorkBook and Violet Domino Juiciness - Lime Tree Fruits
  15. Filofax Love: Adelphi - Said the Cat
  16. Journalling School Session 4: Positive Journalling... - My Life All in One Place
  17. Journalling School (4) - Filomaniac
  18. so, like, hi. - the SNARLing Post
  19. Filo-addict! - Zaramuse
  20. Regency Pocket Slim - Filo-Manie 
  21. New work diary - Paper Pens Ink
  22. What Diary Format? - Timmo's Blog 
  23. Filofax rides shotgun... - The Crazy Suburban Mom 
  24. Filofax Compact Diary Issue - Imysworld
  25. Help for Planning When Your Schedule is Unpredictable - Homemakers Daily
  26. All Stars Guest Post by Imy: Zebra Sharbo X Multi-Pen - My Life All in One Place
  27. Imy’s Travelling Goals - All Stars Guest Post - Ray Blake - Imysworld 
  28. My Three Filos - The Beginnings of a A Filo-Fanatic 
  29. 365 Day Filofax Journal - It's My Life 
  30. As Pippa Middleton Wears Alice Temperley On The Red Carpet, The Designer Talks British Style - Grazia Daily
  • Your blog post could appear here next week if we missed you this time around. Email us the details and we will include it if we can. 
  • We can't guarantee people will read your posts, but we know there is a higher chance of people reading your posts and returning to read other posts if you make them interesting with pictures and good hints and tips. Don't forget to give your posts a title...
And this weeks video finds...

Enjoy, only 3½ days until the next web finds!



    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!!!

  2. Thanks Steve, and thanks also for the mention! :)

  3. Rori I take full responsibility for your inability to use any format besides vertical days!

  4. I think this is a great idea!

  5. Woohoo!!! But I really must save the rest for later. I keep promising myself an early night :o)

  6. Great idea. The last web find was a little bit to much. I think it is a really good idea to make 2-3 posts in the week.

  7. NOOOOO. how am I supposed to get any marking done once term starts if there's a mid-week webfinds??

  8. I never get through them all at the weekend these days, so little and often is great for me.

  9. This is great Steve! Thanks for splitting it up!
    And including both of my posts on it :)

  10. Well done Steve!! A great idea to split the blog finds when the posts get too many. How exciting to be able to read some mid- week too!! I really look forward to this slot on Philofaxy. xx

  11. Yeeessss! This is awesome! It was getting so that I was stressed about looking at the post on Saturday, because I knew I would never have time to read them all-it was torture! I was just finishing looking at everything today, so now I have more to read/look at!Isn't it great that there are so many people posting and making videos? It's a constant inspiration. Please keep doing the twice a week thing!

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  13. Yippieh! Very good idea, Steve! :)

  14. YES! This was perfect timing for me!

  15. It's a treat to get a Web Finds post mid-week. So spreading it across 2 posts work for me. Thanks!