09 September 2012

Organised Mum - Pick and Mix

Well for a long time I know quite a few of our readers have been asking for new inserts, better diaries etc...

As you know Ray and I have tried to meet those requests and quite a few of you are using them.... but not everyone has the time to do all the printing, cutting and punching etc. You just want to view it on line, order it and pop open the rings on your Filofax and slot it in.  And I totally understand that approach.

So it was with great interest that I saw that Organised Mum have come up with a new range in addition to their existing products that uses the Filofax Personal size. Their new Pick and Mix range.

Interestingly you can buy a binder from them... and you will instantly recognise the Domino and Metropol from the Filofax range. The Paris and Turin I think are from the Collins range of organisers.

Then add a diary insert, only the one format is shown, but I wonder if they will be introducing others at a later date.

They also have a range of inserts:
  • Personal Address Book
  • Personal Family Schedules, Events and Occasions
  • Personal Shopping and Menu Planning
  • Personal Finance and Budget
Of course if you already have a Filofax Personal Organiser then there is no reason why you can't use any of these inserts in your existing Malden, Finchley or Finsbury etc.

I also see this as a possible development for other companies to offer a similar service with their own inserts. As we say 'Watch this Space'


  1. Would be very interested to know how their paper quality is. The format of the diary pages is nice. Similar conceptually to the Dodopad but not as fun! I'm definitely hopeful that more companies will offer us greater choice in inserts!

  2. Gosh! Very enterprising of them. I wonder if this initiative has the blessing and backing of Collins and Letts Filofax? Maybe they don't even know.that their products are being used in this way? Either way, with so many companies dropping out of the paper organiser market, a new entrant is very welcome. Good luck to them!

  3. I ordered the diary and some other items on Friday and the package arrived on Saturday. Great service.

    I've just created a post on my blog.

    I shall be using the diary to track what I eat. The 5 column layout is ideal. As I tend to write in pencil, I don't expect any paper quality issues!

  4. About a month ago I bought the Organised Mum smaller diary (spiral bound) from John Lewis. I was pleasantly surprised to find that the paper size is EXACTLY the same as personal size. The format from this spiral bound diary is Week on 1 page with notes, and the notes page is in 3 columns for to-dos, meal planning and shopping list. I am going to do a blog post on this soon! I pulled the spiral apart and punched all the pages and put them in my filo- this works out very well, except that the holes that were used to put the spiral through make the inner side of the page messy, but I can live with that! I was so impressed with my new inserts that I then went on to buy the Organised Mum family book- I don't have a family of my own, so I use all the columns for my hobbies etc etc.
    If I hadn't already bought the personal-sized diary and hacked it, I would definitely buy this diary insert! It is a smaller version of he Family Book, with several columns per day. My version lasts until Dec 203, so I think I will carry on using it until then, and then buy these new inserts for January 2014!!

    1. I forgot to say, one of the benefits of their new inserts is that they will be so neat, especially the inner side of the page, as opposed to mine which has about 20 holes running down it for the original spiral and now my filofax rings!

    2. Excellent - I shall take a look as I like the FF week-to-view-with-notes-format but hate the clutter of multiple languages.

      I tend to use gummed paper to cover up the rough edge. I found some recently in HobbyCraft in the kiddies section. I'm going to use it to make some tabs.

    3. Here's the link to the smaller diary that I hacked for my personal- http://www.organised-mum.co.uk/Pocket-Life-Book-Diary-p-1.html

      And the bigger diary that I hacked for my A5-

    4. I have done the exact same thing: I pulled my Family Life Book apart and repunched it for my A5 Filofax. Mainly because of the unique 6-column layout, but also because the paper quality of Organised Mum is superb!!!!

  5. I have used Organised Mum for years and the paper quality is fantastic, as it doesnt't go through when using a fountain pen so I do hope that the paper is the same quality for the Pick and Mix range. Now I just have to persuade them to sell them to us trade customers too!! I am hoping that this will persuade Filofax to relook at their paper quality!

  6. Oooh, looks great, but unfortunately I will not be buying as I am not a Mum.

  7. It's good to see companies respond to what customers want.
    I used Organised Mum diaries for three years before moving to Filofax as I wanted to be able to customise my planner and keep varied notes all together. I shall definitely be purchasing one or more of the inserts.

  8. These look great I've placed an order for all three packs

  9. The Inner-b organisers look similar, they're an A5 format mum style organiser and sell the yearly inserts refills separately. Not sure if they fit A5 filofaxes as I don't have one to compare the Inner-b binder to. http://www.inner-b.com.au/products11/refills/product/8-mum-organiser-refills-2012