21 August 2014

APATT* Nan's Goals and Projects Book

*All Personal All the Time

In addition to the Filofax I carry every day, which for 2014 is a Personal size with 2DPP diary and Slimline A-Z tabs, I need a separate book for projects, ideas, lists, and budget tracking.

As mentioned in my earlier post about the Filofax I use for work, I've been using solely Personal size so for this year, just to see whether I can do it. Here are the six Personal Filofaxes currently in my life:

The Goals and Projects book is a red Finsbury that I bought in 2006. It was my everyday calendar Filo before an ink-blue Cuban took over that role, and I love red, so it holds a warm place in my heart. It has seven tabs: Goals, Projects, Ideas, Budget, and tabs for three local organizations I'm involved with. These activities started out as projects, but expanded enough to require their own notes section. 

My goals setup is inspired by the goals pages in Laurie's Plannerisms planner. In keeping with APATT, I just used some blue Personal paper and a pen to create pages for yearly goals, quarterly goals, monthly goals, and weekly goals. 

The weekly pages have checkboxes for each day of the week. 
In the Projects section, each project starts on a yellow page. Filofax used to make Project pages, but they're hard to come by. Besides, by using a ruled page, I'm not limited by the structure of a project form. On subsequent pages, I take notes on white ruled paper. 

The Ideas section mostly contains lists of books I want to read, stores and websites I want to visit, places I want to go, and so on. 

In the Budget section, I use Filofax's forms to track personal spending—I allow myself a certain amount each month for haircuts, makeup, meals out, and other fun—and tax-deductible donations as I make them. 

The last three sections hold my meeting and work notes for each organization. As you can see, I don't have trouble writing on Personal size paper. In fact, I think it helps me take better notes because I have to be economical with words. 


  1. This is an interesting series. I am curious to see how you use the other ones, too.

  2. Looking forward to the rest if your posts on your system. Is there a reason for the extra line you added for youbook list page?

  3. Hi Bree -- I add the extra line to all my to-do pages. It's so I can write the date when I do that item (or read the book).


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