20 August 2014

Gold Personal Original seeks serious long term relationship

A Gold Personal Original didn't want to be 'left on the shelf' when all her fellow good looking play-mates went off to the ball in search of Prince Charming...

So Philofaxy came to her rescue and a nice lady at Filofax very kindly said 'Go to France and seek a handsome Prince there' so is that me? !!! May be not!

So today a keen young man got out of his camion blanc and thrust a box in to my hand and demanded a signature on his digital adoption papers machine and then wished me bonne journee.

Little did he know what delights this small box was going to create....

Of course this could be a fairy tale.... but with time against me and people banging on the door demanding to know when will they see the beautiful princess... I suppose I better get to the starting point of how you can become the new partner of this Gold Personal Size Original.

So here goes.... this is open to anyone in the world... as long as you have some sort of postal system... so I think that just about includes everyone.

Secondly this organiser is being auctioned here on Philofaxy and no where else.

All the proceeds of the auction will be going to Chimwemwe our preferred children's charity in Malawi. Our association with Chimwemwe goes back over 4 years now, and people from our community have donated many hundreds of pounds/dollars/euros etc to a very good cause. One of our Philofaxy readers is one of their supporters and has been out to Malawi many times. She has written about the work of Chimwemwe for Philofaxy and you can read those posts here.

So to bid for this Filofax Personal Size Gold Original you have to send an email to: philofaxy at gmail dot com with the subject of Gold Original Bid and within the email please put the amount you wish to bid in UK pounds £  use online conversions for what ever the UK pound is in your local currency.  Each bid will be acknowledged by email within a few hours.

The current highest bid value will appear on a 'Charity page'

The auction will close on Wednesday 27th August. And once your winning bid value has been confirmed as being received by the people at Chimwemwe, I will despatch it from France to where ever you are. A small additional donation to the charity to cover the postage cost would be appreciated by me.

Bidding will start at £45.

Thank you all for taking part and thank you to Filofax UK for their kind donation, I hope her stay will be short at Chez Morton, and that she will go to a good home next week.


  1. Hang on Steve you say bidding closes 27th September and then you say you hope to be putting her in the post next week! Think you need to change that date to 27th AUGUST :-)

    Thank you for doing this by the way, suspect you're going to be getting a lot of email traffic this week!

  2. Thanks, that's what happens when you do these things in a rush! Now corrected.

  3. Such a great idea - hope it raises a lot for Chimwemwe!


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