18 August 2014

Filofax Catalogue - 2000

This week we look at the 'New organisers for Spring/Summer 2000'

You can also see these scans in higher resolution on Flickr


  1. My Stirling is still going strong, if a little faded. I have no idea when I got it but suspect it was before my daughter came along (she's 10)

  2. I've just picked up a lovely blue Personal Graduate in a charity shop for £3 - I've still to decide what I will use it for, but I love the colour and layout. My other half has a Personal Ranger which he rarely uses. The pockets on it are great and I'd use it as a planner/wallet combo if I could persuade him to give it to me!

  3. So glad to see the Pak is making a return! I've had mine for years, and still adore it, though it's quite faded now. I used it to great satisfaction while at Uni, ooh about 15 years ago... Hope to see a review of this amazing filo in the future =)


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