30 August 2014

Web Finds - 30 August 2014

I hope you had a good week? Time to enjoy a great collection of blog posts and videos from around the internet.

So here are the latest Filofax blog posts from around the Internet:
  1. Filofax spotted in the wild - This Bug's Life
  2. Handel ind Wandel - Filomaniac
  3. The Fitness section of my Filofax. - Joanny White
  4. Finding Planner Peace: Oh, Van der Spek, How Do I Love Thee? - Yay, for Fridays
  5. Jumping on the Kikki.k bandwagon - Onigiri Sama and her 21 Kittens
  6. Flex by Filofax & Gillio Pocket Agenda Classic (Achtung: viele Fotos!!!) - Seelen Zucker
  7. A couple of new ones - GillB
  8. Filofax Mini Template Tutorial for Mini pages - Billie's Craft Room
  9. DIY: Upgrading Planner Tabs - Giftie Etcetera
  10. Filofax for dummies 2: planning on a budget - Designs from the Black Forest
  11. Finances & Filofaxes - OATTblog
  12. August plans - Rosie Raindrops
  13. The Fun of Creating a Personalized Filofax - The Paradox of An Organized Scientist
  14. Future Planning - Giftie Etcetera
  15. New Day On Two Pages Daily Schedule Free Printable for Filofaxes - Ms Wenduhh
  16. Filofax Compact Calipso - The Forest Fox
  17. My GTD System (2014) - David R Parker
  18. Personalizing a Filofax - Meet Opera Filofax - The Paradox of An Organized Scientist
  19. To-Do Hearts Check Off Flags Stickers - Free Printable - MsWenduhh
  20. Autumn is coming - time to start updating the Filofax! - Mrs Brimbles
  21. Silly’s Tips 8#: AGENDA_ perchè avere un'agenda cartacea e come organizzarla - Lucy Wonderland
  22. Filofax Personal Tempate: Cutting & Punching Tutorial - Billie's Craft Room
  23. "I'm In" - Roses in December
  24. Flyleaf Focus Sheet {Filofax Friday} - Renew Your Space
  25. Kikki K Lilac and Gold inspired template un-datate Do1P - My Last Eureka
  26. DIY Washi Stand - Organised Lifestyle
  27. Van der Spek (Senior Size) Quick Set Up - Innocent + Twisted
  28. Kate Spade Planner Set Up - Itsaplannerthing
  29. How I Use: Sticky Tags or Page Flags - The Filofax Lifestyle
  30. 9 Random Tips for Getting More Out of Your Planner - Homemakers Daily
  31. Cute Paper Clips for Filofax/Planner/Organizer - Clever Soiree
  32. Tracking My Time – Episode 2 - Carie Harling
  33. A5 Day Per Page Filofax Insert Printable - MsWenduhh 
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And here are a selection of the latest Filofax videos for your enjoyment.
  1. A Look at My Husband's Planner Set Up - Patty Gardner
  2. Filofax Unboxing Saffiano - SamLuvely
  3. Chronodex/Spiraldex Update! - MissVickybee
  4. A sneak peek at my tweaked September pages and what I named my Battle Binder - MaryAnneMoll
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  1. Cross, would that be 2015 Steve?


    1. 1 October 2014 as in 1st of the 10th month of 2014 1/10/2014 Days months years?

  2. Americans are just wireddifferently I guess, but since it is only a UK offer, that fits. Sorry.


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