17 August 2014

The Original - Monochrome

Did you miss out on buying the Original Monochrome? Philofaxy has been able to locate some in Holland waiting for you to order them!

The Monochrome Original is available in both Personal Size and A5 size.

Thank you to Joost Appelboom.


  1. These are a vast improvement over the metallic ones in last week's post.

  2. I concur. However, I am still hunting high and low for another black Clipbook. The search so far is bearing no results.

  3. I like the look of these, but alas, they never made it to the US (why is that?). I was hopeful that I would be able to snag one of these in the future but if they're only available at one location now, it doesn't sound promising...

  4. That is one fine looking Filofax, however I prefer more 'pockets' and stuff inside.