15 August 2014

Free For All Friday No. 300 by Laurie

It's our 300th Free For All Friday! In honor of this milestone FFAF, please tell us in the comments your favorite tip or bit of advice you've learned from Philofaxy.

And as always on Fridays, feel free to discuss anything ring-binder related.

Huge thanks to our wonderful readers who make Philofaxy such a great and fun community!


  1. Without a doubt the most useful tips I found were the inserts and printing guides...it was what led me to the site in the first place so thanks for them. And all the Malden love steered me that way and I can honestly say I've not looked at another binder since.

  2. I think the most directly useful tip I've learned was the 'Nivea Creme' leather renovation tip, which has helped rescue a couple of very dry, sad binders. As I don't tend to use any preprinted inserts (bought or self-printed) but stick to plain paper and free-form, the comments and downloads are useful for ideas of how to run my system but I don't use them directly.

  3. Please, if you have ever read one of Tracy Reinhardt's crazy posts, leave a 'goodby-we wish you well on her blog. The one up now is a farewell. I am really sad.

  4. I have a few questions from a FILO newbie if that is ok?
    #1 is it worth the $50+ to buy the metal hole punch or does the plastic $20 ones work ok? (I plan to make all my own inserts)
    #2 I have a personal size but find the papers too small for my large handwriting - will an A5 size solve that problem?
    #3 to make my own day on one page inserts is it better to use excel or word?

    1. 1. Yes the metal punches will pay for themselves if you plan to make your own inserts and especially if you are going to be doing 'Day per page' lots of pages in a year.
      I suggest taking a read of this post: http://philofaxy.blogspot.com/2013/01/filofax-punches.html
      It has reviews of the various punches. The KW-Trio does A5 as well as Personal and Pocket sizes.
      2. Easy way to find out take a sheet of paper and cut it to 148 x 210 mm in size and try your own hand writing on that compared to Personal size (95 x171 mm)
      3. We use a combination of the two! Look at our diary inserts page in the title bar above and see the selection of files already created which you can modify to your own liking.

  5. I learned that I can sharpen my hole punch using aluminum foil. That was an amazingly wonderful tip that I use regularly.

  6. Cleaning the fabric inside of a filofax with sticky tape. Very useful. Thank you.

  7. Seems obvious, but from GTD splitting projects into next action steps, and doing that weekly review. xx

  8. I've just posted a message but I don't think it worked!! I'l have another go.
    I love the minimalist diary inserts but could it be adapted to have a 1940s look? That would be a red line under the date and very light blue lines. The font could be Times New Roman or Cursive. Any ideas how I could adapt your templates? I would be very grateful. Ideally I would love this in the personal on A4 and an A5 template. Hope you can help. Best wishes, John