04 August 2014

Filofax Catalogue 1999

Today we are going to share with you the 1999 Filofax UK catalogue.

You can also find some high resolution version of these scans on Flickr


  1. There is my zipped Durham!

  2. And there's my pocket Hamilton! I knew he was a nineties baby. Thank you for this; I'm always looking for more info on Hamilton.

  3. So many choices of binders and inserts. My first filofax was a personal Portland, and I got it sometime during the 90s :)

    1. I absolutely love the Portland line.

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  5. Fascinating how context dates these things... CDs pictured in the background of the 'Active' model binder, when now they're rapidly becoming a footnote in the history of media. Then later on, floppy disks... I honestly cannot remember the last time I used a floppy disk...

    Come to think of it, I wonder how many of those Active binders they managed to sell? Have you ever seen one 'in the flesh'?

  6. I have an Active sitting on my desk, actually! Bright yellow personal, but it's a bit dirty these days. It was given to my other half in the late 90s, when he finished high school. Hasn't seen use in a while - but it is good to have around, I used it for a few months back in the mid 2000s when I was first trying to decide if a Filofax would work for me. A decade later and I'm still using them, so it did its job!

  7. These are my kind of binders - I love all the browns.


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