16 May 2016

DodoPad considering launching a new range of paper.

I'm sure you are familiar with the range of Dodopad calendars and diary inserts. They are available in a variety of sizes as mid-year and full year formats. They are printed on excellent quality paper.

In discussion with Rebecca at Dodopad last week, she mentioned that she was considering making a range of packs of paper available on their on-line store for organisers in the following sizes:
  • A5
  • Personal/Medium/Standard
  • A6/Senior
  • Pocket
The packs would most probably be available in multiples of 25 sheets of paper, one side would feature a feint square pattern with a small logo in the lower right hand corner, with the reverse side being left plain.  The paper is 100gsm paper so it will also be fountain pen friendly too. They will be punched for the respective organisers too. 

They already produce similar packs for their own folders as shown below:

At this point, Rebecca would like to know how many of you would be interested in purchasing these packs of paper and in what sizes. Please drop her a quick email (info ['at'] dodopad.com), or drop a message on their website.

Thank you Rebecca, it will be good to have another source for these popular paper sizes ready cut and punched. 


  1. Many thanks for this post Steve. At this stage we are trying to gauge levels of interest in the different sized paper. We will almost definitely produce Personal and A5 paper packs, but we're interested to know if there will be enough interest for A6 and Pocket sizes.

    The paper will be the same high quality paper we already use for our diary inserts which we've been told is some of the best available. The idea is to extend availability of this paper to more general use purposes.

    If it's easier just to leave a comment there please do, but anyone who emails thier views will be personally informed when the paper packs become available and we will do a good opening offer if you buy two packs at the same time.

    Personally Rebecca (writing this!) is really looking forward to having some A5 paper as right now all I get to use are blank paper samples of which we get two a year - and they are quickly used up here at Dodo Pad!

    Looking forward to hearing from you and thank you :)

    1. Just emailed you, Rebecca! I would definitely buy A6 paper from you ...

  2. I've already e-mailed Rebecca!

  3. I already messaged via the website too!

  4. Love this idea, not that I would be buying straight away as I have a small back log ... but definitely interested..

  5. What a fantastic idea! I also left a message on the website - I ´d love to have this paper in personal AND pocket size.....

  6. Anything that makes A5 paper more generally available is a good thing. I'm not sure Europeans realize just how scarce it is Stateside.

  7. Having been a recent convert (as of 2 weeks ago) to Dodo through Philiofaxy, I am very interested in the paper packs, have left a message at the site.

    PS thanks for great customer service received from Dodo (an amazing thing these days) and a wonderful blog Philiofaxy

    1. Thank you for your lovely comment about our customer service...we do try! :)

  8. For anyone who read this blog post just under a month ago...we have produced A5, A6 and Personal sized paper and it will soon be available. It comes in packs of 25 sheets (50 pages), is squared on one side, plain on the other and is in our high quality 100gsm paper that you can write on in fountain pen with confidence! There's a sneak peek pic on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/filofaxusers/search/?query=dodo%20pad