11 May 2016

The Hitch Hikers Guide to the Plannerverse - Episode 11

Planner Fail

You’ve got everything lined up, all the pens and markers match, the stickers are the perfect shade of (insert favourite colour here), the moon is waxing, and Mars is not in retrograde for once. However, you look down at your planner and suddenly NOTHING WORKS! You are in a strange dimension called “Planner Fail.”

In this episode, the gruesome twosome explore identifying a planner fail and more importantly, navigating out of it just in time to note the next episode of HitchHiker’s Guide to the Plannerverse in your now brilliant planner set up.

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Show Notes (timings approximate)

01:20 - Identifying planner fail.
04:00 - Switching inserts, but still not right.
06:00 - Not just the diary part of your planner
08:00 - Use blank tabs so you can order the sections to your requirements
09:00 - Choose the planner that suits your needs and your lifestyle
09:30 - Empty your planner.... and go back to basics
09:50 - What tabs do you need?
11:15 - DiY Fish inserts
12:05 - Contents/Index
12:45 - A6 inserts
13:25 - A6 Today marker
15:25 - Frequent contact information only in the contacts section
16:30 - Facebook friends list
17:30 - Backing up your planner using Evernote
19:00 - Working out what is working
20:00 - Over committing
21:00 - Master task list
24:00 - Identifying recovery from planner fail
26:00 - Organising project tasks
27:30 - Tips of the week

Episode 11 - Planner Fail  

A direct download is also available here: Episode11.mp3

Presenters - Steve Morton and Karine Tovmassian

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  1. Thank you both for linking to my video about archiving your planner into Evernote! I am thoroughly enjoying the podcast!

  2. Great series! Enjoying it immensely.

  3. I have identified a reason for planner fail quite recently - and it was a big moment: I always adored all of those "nice" planners - not the "cutely decorated" ones, but those that included little drawings and had somewhat pleasant handwriting. I always started off like that and I still keep my forward planning quite neat, but as soon as a planner really started "working" for me in the present (!), it included scribbling things in in the bus, using pens that were just randomly within reach, etc. So, after a very short while the inserts looked very ugly. BUT now I realized that I actually have no need and desire at all to store the past of a planner!! I find that my email archive is all I need for my job, to know what I did at which day and my social media account stores my private moments sufficiently. Hence I do not need any "archive" function in my planner, so once a week is over, I throw the heavily used and shockingly messy looking insert away and start "fresh" with the new week (as I said, forwardplanned events look great in my planner, it's just the daily use of squeezing in more appointments and tasks into a week while crossing out others, that creates the mess.

  4. I have depression and fibromyalgia and my planner has been a lifesaver in the past year or so, but where I have planner "fail" is my task list. I will try to motivate myself to get things done by writing them in my planner but that's as far as they get. The fatigue wins and things remain undone, looking at me accusingly.

    1. Hi Bonnie!
      I have kind of the same problem with “to do“ lists, I easily get overwhelmed looking at all the things I have to do and oftentimes get nothing done. What I try to do about it is to schedule my tasks across the week so I preferably have to do only one task per day. That is a manageable amount and at the end of the day I see that I accomplished something, which gives me motivation to keep going. I know that it is not easy to “keep going“ with a depression (I struggle with OCD and depression myself), but try to take one step at a time and don't be too harsh on yourself if you don't complete everything that is on your list immediately. I am lecturing myself here, but my therapist taught me to rather be proud of myself when I finished or accomplished something (even if I take baby-steps) than putting pressure on myself for getting nothing done.
      We can do it! Best wishes from Germany! :-)