06 May 2016

Free For All Friday No. 390

How often do you change your Filofax setup? Do you frequently do little tweaks, or one big housecleaning per year?

Of course, since it's Friday, we can talk about anything Filofax.


  1. I pull out filled pages and file them often. My Filofax fill up fast...I keep so many on going project notes in it:)

  2. If "adding and removing single pages" counts as a tweak I do it all the time :) I have the pad in the back of my Malden and am always creating new pages and filing them into the planner, plus once a week or so I go through and remove the past to prevent it getting too stuffed :)

  3. This year I designed one week insert for my Franklin pocket binder instead of several ones last year. When buying inserts I did not favor the paper, font, or placement of the days. I prefer the large space on each day of my format. In outdoor meetings without chairs or a table I can write information as the binder remains open on one hand. A larger binder or small sections on the insert would be inconvenient in those meetings.

  4. At the beginning of May I moved out of my VDS A5 and into a new custom VDS A6. This required a complete retooling of what and how much I keep in my planner. My new setup lacks an A to Z file so I just file everything, including contacts, alphabetically in my new "Information" section.

    I keep three months (past month, current month, next month) of Do1P inserts, plus monthly calendar pages in my "Diary" section. I have a "Notes In" section that I use for brain dumps, notes, shopping lists, whatever.

    I am a project manager at work. I used to have detailed project tracking in my A5 but have been transitioning to a project management information system (PMIS) using SharePoint. Now I just track the high level details using the DIYFish "vCarie" planning pages.

    On Monday mornings I go through my A6 and remove pages that are no longer relevant and do any necessary "filing" in my Information section. At the beginning of each month, I remove and store the "last month" pages and add the "next month" pages. I keep all of the calendar pages as those have the important stuff such as meetings, events, and date specific reminders.

    The migration to the A6 showed me that yes, I could downsize and still have retain a tremendous amount of functionality.

  5. I set myself up in a Classic-size Franklin planner in January, and have not made any changes to the setup since. Once a month, I rotate out the oldest daily pages and new ones in, and weekly I review the past week and plan the coming week. I just did a page-by-page flip-through this week to clear out obsolete items because the planner was becoming difficult to close. I really like the classic size because in addition to being a planner and reference book, my binder serves as a kind of portable inbox for all manner of items needing action; bills, documents to file/scan/photocopy, checks to deposit at the bank, etc. They all fit in the big planner so easily. Surprisingly, I also find I really like having a zip binder because everything is so secure. It is not nearly as annoying to open and close as I had thought it would be. Very pleased with how this set up is working for me!

  6. I have also made a change earlier in the year from pocket to personal. I am trying to keep it simple and use only what i need. There are so many videos and blogs out there and I get a lot of self doubt about things from them. Using the 6 tabs from Filofax I tried to organise everything into those. I soon decided that just using a-z and filing under a letter was much easier and more efficient. Its been working great! I second what Josh said about the zipped binder - it's much better than I predicted!

  7. I change always something little. Because I make my own inserts it is not a big deal, I migh change only something on my weekly insert, or on the daily... Sometimes I change something bigger - last time I printed out a whole year Agendia weekly insert, because I was sure I will use them. Then I found something different out :D But I am since September in the same binder! This is a big step for me.


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