23 May 2016

William Hannah Limited - Pen Loop Accessory.

Back in April we reviewed the William Hannah Limited leather notebook/planner and some of you commented about the lack of a pen loop.

A pen loop is now available as an accessory to purchase from the website. The pen loop is priced at £8.00 plus shipping.

Now a lot of companies would just pop the pen loop in a jiffy bag and post it to you.... not very exciting to receive? Well you might recall in the review how much I was impressed with the presentation of the actual notebook in its box and the way it was presented, well the pen loop doesn't disappoint at all.

I opened the stiff card mailer and this is what I received:

Turning the small card over there are clear instructions.

So I carefully undid the nut and removed the pen loop from the card. And there are very detailed and very well thought out instructions.

So I followed them to the letter. My black and royal blue leather notebook now sports an elasticated pen loop, here with my Pilot Metropolitan fountain pen.

The pen loop is available in five colours, you don't have to go for the same colour as your notebook, you could get the pen loop in a contrasting colour.

Thank you to William Hannah Limited for supplying this sample of the pen loop.

And to finish off there is now a William Hannah Facebook User Group for anyone to join.


  1. Looks top shelf to me. Any possibility they will offer a hole punch so I can add reference material and other needed items so that it could be a true 'working planner/notebook? Are other aftermarket punches available to fit this template? Thanks Steve.

    1. Yes, the Arc Punch from Staples works well (see the original review), also the Atoma punch is said to work as well, although I'm trying to find out where people have bought that one. It is a Belgium company so it should be available in these parts!

  2. Thanks for sharing the pen loop....very nicely done overall.

    However, I'm a bit concerned with the design putting the pen outboard of the binder cover. So, no protection for the pen. Not an issue if one uses a run of the mill pen, but I tend to use nicer fountain pens and would be very nervous with this design.

    Wonder if there's a way to reverse the direction of the loop when mounting to have pen be inboard under the leather cover?



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