15 May 2016

Readers Favourite Organiser: Laurie

Thank you to Laurie for sharing with us her favourite organiser.

What is your favourite organiser (make/model/size)?

I have owned lots of Filofax and other-brand organizers, but my favorite is the Filofax Boston A5 in Ultraviolet. This binder has pretty much changed my life and my planner-ing completely.

How long have you owned it?

I bought it from the lovely Bree in August 2015. Interestingly, I've had a black A5 Boston for several years (that I received as a sample to review here on Philofaxy) but didn't use it as my everyday planner because I don't like black. (It is now my on-deck binder where I keep weekly and monthly pages before I use them in my everyday binder). I wanted a purple one but at the time it was out of my price range. To be honest I think they were overpriced when they were new. I forget their original price but I remember thinking at that price point they should be full leather throughout instead of fabric inside. Anyway I'm thrilled to have mine now. In fact I recently bought another A5 Boston in Ultraviolet. They have been discontinued for awhile so when I found a new one available online I grabbed it to hold onto for when my current one dies from overuse!

What is it that you like about it so much?

The 20 mm rings have been life-changing for me. For more than a decade I struggled between Personal size (pages too small) and A5 (binder too big and heavy). Most A5 binders have 25 or 30 mm rings, causing the book to be bulkier and heavier. The smaller rings of the A5 Boston allow me to use the A5 size pages I need in a slimmer and lighter book.

Being able to use an A5 binder has given me enormous freedom in which planner pages I use. I can create and print my own planner pages directly to A5 paper, punch and pop them straight into my binder. So anytime I need a different format or want to try something new, I just print out a few weeks' worth and try them out. I can switch pages as often as I want and still use the same book. No more using a dozen different planners every year! Anyone who knows me knows I've spent years and years switching around planners looking for what works. Now I can use the same book all the time and archive my entire year's pages together. It sounds silly but being able to use this binder has really changed my planner life.

Also I love that it's purple (my favorite color) and has super-soft nappa leather. I'm very tactile and I love to handle the soft leather. The combination of the big page size, slim and portable book, and soft purple leather makes this a huge winner for me.

Do you use it all the time?

ALL the time. I work from home so I keep work and personal things in my Filofax, so I only have one book to reach for throughout the day. I also keep track of my busy family: my kids' activities and who is picking them up on which days; my husband's travel schedule, etc. You can see more details of my planning system including my life-changing blue monthly pages here. That post was from when I used personal size pages, the system is mainly the same now just upgraded to A5 and I use my own printed weekly pages.

Do you think the design could be improved in any way? How? 

I wish there were a zip pocket inside somewhere so I could put in little things to keep. Also I wish the silver f on the front weren't there, and that the tab closure were a simple rounded shape instead of the angular cut.

Here are some photos of my A5 Boston Filofax:

I took the items out of the pockets (personal information). That full size front pocket holds A4 pages folded in half perfectly. I like the different sized card pockets for holding cards and smaller pages.

That awesome secretarial pocket in the back holds a pad of paper very nicely.

Thank you to Laurie who you can find at Plannerisms.com, QuoVadisBlog.com and as a contributor here on Philofaxy.

If you would like to share with us the details of your favourite organiser, please contact steve @ philofaxy dot com


  1. I remember your excitement when the A5 Boston first came out! I still can't believe that organiser companies (not just Filofax) never produced more slimline models such as the Boston. Whilst there is still a market for huge-ringed, bulky organisers, most of us these days need something slim and portable to use alongside digital systems.

  2. It looks well loved. I have the FC Boston so it’s nice to see the FF Boston.

  3. Laurie - I'm so glad you're enjoying it still! I occasionally have pangs when I miss it, but using A5 paper in the US is such a hassle, and if I'm going to use half-Letter I might as well stick with Franklin Planner's Classic size, even if the 7 rings are aesthetically displeasing (to me).

    It's funny you mention the clasp and the f - those are the only things that vaguely bothered me about the Boston. I loved the squishy Nappa leather, but the Bloomsbury line has the same leather and I have 4 from that range.

    You're lucky the Boston was purple (my least favorite color) - if it had been teal or red I wouldn't have let go ;)

  4. That's funny Bree! Well the Boston is getting lots of love here, in all its purple gloriousness. :)

  5. Wonder how a Boston holds up. I can could still get an Ultraviolet A5 in full retail price. Which honestly I quite not sure is worth it. Its a beauty for sure, and I'm lost in the world of beauty. Could someone post me some picture about a more than one year old regularly used one? By the way purple is my favorite as well. More like an imperial purple, but I like this one as well. Maybe I will pull my trigger after having two Flex A5 Blackcurrant. I love those, just sometimes I need more flexibility, the rings could provide that.

    1. The photos in this post show my Boston after I've used it for nearly a year, and I bought it used from someone who had used it for at least a year. As you can see, it's held up well.

    2. Dear Laurie,

      Thank you for your answer. I pulled the trigger and really anxious about the Boston. Hopefully will get it tomorrow, worst case in Monday. Will be a change after my Flex.

    3. I hope you enjoy it! I love the soft leather. :)

  6. Oh, yes I love it!!! Its so soft... So beautiful... Thank you for sharing your experience with yours!