13 December 2016

Free For All Tuesday No. 306


  1. As I was designing my original yearly insert I envisioned a weekly format. Recently I stated that I did not want the structure of a weekly format. I do not want a weekly format with a typical space of the day. On a horizontal layout of a weekly insert there are rectangles. I do not prefer that dated space. I would like to view the events and tasks for the week and indicate specific dates in a certain way.

    Hence I purchased a notebook with grids for my weekly layout and discontinued the process of designing my yearly one. For the weekly insert I will only trim the sheets and draw the format because it is not necessary to draw additional lines. I would rather be somewhat fickle in designing an insert as opposed to choosing a binder or other product.

  2. I have resumed designing my original yearly insert. My thought of possibly creating a weekly format instead of the yearly one was short lived. I can be finicky and fickle on this topic. One reason I do not prefer a weekly layout is the inclusion of the last six days of December 2016 on the first week of January 2017. For the past few years I create or consider two formats for the year and I choose one of them. I do not want to visualize or design a second insert. Also many people online like to buy numerous pieces of paper and notebooks. I have no interest in purchasing paper unless the notebook is necessary.