06 June 2018

Tell us about...... 23

Some organiser manufacturers give you the option of different ring sizes in the same page size.

For example Van der Spek offer 16mm or 20mm rings in Pocket (Junior), 13mm, 20mm or 25mm in A6 (Senior), 13mm, 25mm or 30mm in Standard (Personal), 25mm or 35mm in A5 sizes.

Others just give you the one size with no option to change the rings or upgrade them to a different size.

At one time I was a 'big rings are best' person. I tend towards smaller rings these days, mainly because I've cut down the amount of paper in my main organiser that I carry around.

So are you a 'big rings' or 'small rings' type person? What's the best size for you in what ever page size?

Tell us in the comments below.


  1. I find the bigger rings a luxury - they allow me to have all categories that I'd like to keep within the same binder and to use a nice, thick paper for my inserts.

  2. Bigger rings! I like to cram as much paper as I can in all my binders to allow for lots of information and categories and sections

  3. Like they say, "Big socks, big feet"......or something like that...

    For work binder, I tend to go for bigger rings where possible...

  4. Big rings for the Desk size/A5 that stays at home. However, tiny 13-15mm for my EDC. currently loving the 'lightness' of the Saffiano Compact.

  5. Big rings for personal and A5.I have a lot of things to put inside

  6. I have never felt the need for anything larger or smaller than 23 mm in a Personal, or 25 mm in A5 (which I no longer use). Anything larger just gets cumbersome to carry

  7. I carry my planner with me on daily basis and prefer smaller rings. I either use 13 mm (personal slim) or 25 mm (personal standard). End of last year, I acquired a Davinci planner with 9mm rings from Japan and fits all the essentials I need.

  8. I carry my planner every day and I like the 20mm rings.

  9. 20 mm A5 rings would be about right for me. I have a Heritage with 16mm A5 rings, it is just about perfect in terms of capacity, but slightly lacking in terms of functionality because of the lack of pockets internally.

  10. I couldn't possibly make anything smaller than 25MM work. I prefer to carry more paper than I need :) In the personal size, I prefer the 30MM Filofax Cavendish.

  11. Steve, I’m curious how you’ve paired down. What did you use to carry that you have eliminated? What was your process for eliminating sections?

    1. I split my pages between two organisers, one is my main planner, with smallish rings. The other holds my reference pages. I don't need to carry these with me as I rarely look at them. But they are always to hand.
      I transfer pages in to and out of the planner organiser as required.
      May be not everyone's solution but it works for me.