08 June 2018

Free For All Friday - No 499 by Steve

So here we are in June and things have started to get a bit busy in our household.  Later on this month we have some visitors this month and Alison is off to Dublin for a few days as well. 

So I'm planning and making lists constantly at present to keep everything focused, jobs to do, things to get, in addition to the usual organised chaos of Philofaxy as well!

How are your summer plans shaping up?

But as it is a Friday please feel free to discuss anything ring bound planner related.


  1. Husband and I are traveling to Italy in July, so I'm making packing listing for everything I think I need to take (only to have Philip edit it down severely).

  2. Cannot believe we are half way through 2018. I am reviewing my 2018 goals and making a more realist to do list I want to accomplished this year.

  3. I am coming to London from Boston in a couple of weeks. Any suggestions on visiting a store with Filofax/supplies and maybe a good inexpensive restaurant?

    1. There is a post here on Philofaxy: The London Stationery Crawl. Complete with a map :)

  4. Thank you Maria and to Steve for putting this together. It's terrific!