15 June 2018

Free for All Friday No. 500 by Nan

Congratulations to our community for 500 of these weekly discussions!

For some food for thought, do you do planning for your family, office, or group in your planner, or just your own?

Of course, since it's Friday, let's have a free-for-all! Based on our beloved ring-bound organizers, of course.


  1. I do most of the planning for all three of us. Me, myself and I. Me and myself do help out when they can.

    Sorry Nan. I couldn't resist.

  2. I do all the planning for myself and my husband, which is much more straightforward than when I was working, when I did the planning for the small department I worked in. My husband has a filofax (donated by me), but he still expects me to tell him when he is due to go to the doctor or to other appointments - not much different from work, really :-)

  3. I do all the household planning. All of our friends know to text me about getting together. Getting Philip to look at the Google calendar we share or the kitchen wall calendar to remember things is a trip sometimes.

  4. I run a small firm of accountants and I do all the planning and job tracking in my planner. That includes my personal planning and goal tracking as well. My wife has a Personal Malden, donated by me about a year ago, and is now a keen planner user herself

  5. Yes, everything is kept in one external hard drive to back up my chaotic life! More than that and it causes my computer to freeze up. LOL I have tried multiple books but then I see everything for one part of my life and I drop the ball in other areas, which causes me great stress and anxiety-the very thing I am trying to avoid. I would love to have them separate and keep telling myself that it is no different than separate tabs in a notebook, but......

  6. I don't do any work planning in my Filofax, but it holds pretty much everything else for me & my family. I bought an A4 Logic for my Mum to help her sort out her paperwork, but I keep track of other things for her in my Winchester as well.

  7. Use planner just for me, mostly for work and keeping up with my team that manages 150+ projects at a time.

    However, learned last week that I need to lead another team at another location for an interim basis due to someone leaving there on top of my current team. So, will now need to keep up with managing a portfolio of about 350 - 400 projects....

    Time for a bigger planner?


  8. I thought you were in A5 already?! Deskfax?..... :)

  9. Well, I was in A5 last year....

    Then early this year, decided to go back to Franklin Covey Compact size (same height as Personal page,but about 2.25cm wider) to save space in my carrying bag at work.

    All in all, like the compromise between binder size and functionality of pages inside.

    But might need to either go back to A5 with large rings or get another FC Compact size binder for the new location projects....

    So it goes...


    1. I didn't realise you'd downsized from A5. I can certainly understand the need to move up again.

      Mostly i've been in Personal for a good while now but i'm often thinking that maybe A5 would be better. As ever, and as for many of us, it's the portability which is the issue, but yesterday I spotted a guy in Sherborne with a really smart black A5 in his hand, and it opened up the whole issue for me yet again......

      This is indeed how it goes :)

  10. Around and around she goes...
    Where she lands....