25 June 2018

Filofax Stockist

When travelling around even if I am not intending to buy anything, I always see what Filofax products the local stores have in stock. 

This last weekend my wife Alison was in Dublin for a writers conference, which she was giving a talk at. 

She visited a large book/stationery store in the middle of Dublin called Eason & Son Ltd, quite a well established firm by the look of the plaque on the entrance. Alison sent me some photos of their stationery department in the store. 

Do you have a local stockist in your town or city? Next time you visit there take a few photos and send them to us so we can give them a little free publicity, email steve at philofaxy dot com 


  1. that is a beautiful site! I wish there was a store here on the east Coast of the US that did this...

  2. I'm on the East Coast of Virginia (USA) and you can't find leather planner binders anywhere on the shelves! We are forced to purchase planner binders online.