14 June 2018

Stockholm Meet Up

Well we have had a very busy but enjoyable visit to Sweden this last 10 days or so. We spent a few days in Malmo in the south west corner of the country. We then flew up to Stockholm which is about an hour long flight for a few nights before returning to Malmo to spend a couple of nights in the country near Arkelstorp where this view is just to my left!

Not a bad view to sit and type up my memories of a meet up.

So last Wednesday was a national holiday in Sweden, so it fitted in well with having a mid-week meet up.

Janet and I organised to meet and chat with a few organiser/planner fans in a store in Stockholm. I had met one or two before at other events. But a few new faces of course.

L-R Amanda, Janet, Steve, Maria, Lena

We met at a large store which had a great stationery department and a cafe next to it. Janet had shown me the small stock of Filofax organisers and inserts on the way in also another local brand of organisers called Burde. They had some excellent inserts too. So check those out.

I circulated the leather samples from Van der Spek and Gillio, these are always looked at a lot at any meet up as I have more or less a full set of their samples.

We got to discuss PlannerCon 2019 the tickets having gone on sale last weekend.

I enjoyed the time we spent together and I hope that this group meet up again in the future.

Once again many thanks to everyone that came along and made me so welcome and thank you to Janet for helping me organise the event.

Until next time..... Tack


  1. Splendid pic of you and Janet! It sounds like a lovely meet-up.

  2. It was so nice to see you again Steve!

  3. Two of my favourite planner people: Steve and Janet in one place! It must have been great!