12 April 2019

Free for All Friday No. 543 by Nan

How DIY can you go? Have you ever been without a Filofax or the means to acquire one, and made your own?

For example, have you repurposed a plain ring binder, or even just loose rings? Or created your own system from a notebook or index cards?

Of course, because it's Friday, feel free to talk about any ring-bound organizer-related topic!


  1. Some years back when trying to develop my own A4 based Time Management System, I used an ordinary A4 binder. I put a bulldog clip over the front cover, to clip individual sheets inside the front. And I also punched a few pockets to serve as pouches holding differing projects

  2. Yep! None of the planners on the market have been what I needed to function and plan properly. Mine's a cut-down Mead Flex Binders to the half-sheet size (8.5"x5.5"). It's perfect because I have the flexibility of the rings, and the ability to bend it back like a spiral notebook.

  3. Wuld love to see a picture.