02 September 2010

Refill Mystery

OK clever people do you know the answer to this one? Judith contacted me this morning with this question:
"I was wondering if you could help me with an A5 refill mystery.

I’m using Time/System A5 inserts in my A5 Filofax, in the 2 pages per day format.

While I was investigating my options for next years refills, I made a strange discovery.

All UK and US suppliers of 2PPD inserts (Franklin Covey, Day Runner, Day Timer) have the notes page on the right-hand side and the timetable/Todo’s on the left-hand side.

While German suppliers (Time/System, Chronoplan, Zeit&Plan, Bind) have the notes page on the left and the timetable/Todo’s on the right.

I was wondering what might be the cause for this? Should be a simple copycat-syndrome, or is there actually a more profound reason behind all this?"
To illustrate, here is the Time System page:

And if you got to the Franklin Store you will see the difference.

I was wondering that in publications important information is always put on odd numbered pages. So the appointments would always be on the right hand side

So what do you think the reason might be?


  1. Working with a TimeSystem is based on a sophisticated "top down" planning approach using overview sheets for yearly and monthly objectives besides the 2PPD calendar.

    The plan for the current month can be folded so that it covers the left page of the 2PPD. On the right side, the user can see his appointments for the day and his monthly objectives on the left.

    Regards from Germany,


  2. Thanks Bernhard for that insight


  3. While Bernhard is right about that folded page, I have to add that the page can also be folded the other way around, so that it would cover the righthand side ....

  4. Jumping in a bit late, so not sure if anyone will see this, but speaking of the different A5 formats, I know the holes are different for the FC/DayTimer and Filofax systems. Can anyone tell me if any of the holes line up? Or the spacing between the outermost holes at least?

  5. Petra, the only compatible refills are Time/System, BSP and Chronoplan. Dayrunner and FC would need repunching, alas ...

  6. I was most interested in the distance between the first and last rings, since I actually have a 3-ring binder and a central hole could easily be punched if the outermost ones lined up!

  7. @Petra: for the A5 Filofax pages it's 14.6 cm from the 1st to the 6th hole (center of holes).


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