17 September 2010


A4 as in Filofax A4.. not Audi A4! I realise this isn't a popular or common size for a lot of our users but I thought I would look in to the pros and cons of the size.
  • Big - yes but that might be an advantage if your hand writing is difficult to read on the smaller sizes;
  • Paper commonly available, well in Europe that is;
  • Templates already in this size, I create my templates in A4 format and then reduce them to A5;
  • Limited selection of diaries and inserts, for some people this might be the 'show stopper';
  • Common hole spacing ISO838? The 4 holes are 8cm apart. Four hole punches are quite cheap;
  • Possibly thinner than an A5 so less bulky;
  • Price wise they often come up on offer, so may be about the same price as an A5;
  • Lots of card slots! But I wouldn't suggest using one as a wallet!!
  • Not available in the US, mainly because of the paper size I suspect?
  • A lot of people in business carry A4 folders around, so an A4 Filofax won't look too out of place
Why not check out the A4 Filofax range.

If you have used an A4 already we are of course interested to hear your views in the comments.


  1. You evil people, you are making me want to spend more money with filofax lol

    I love larger ones, really made me want a BIGGER one lol is it worth the money when i already have the A5 tho??? lol

    Lots of good points about them too :) x

  2. Steve, you are right, A4 is not a paper size used in the US so I imagine A4 Filofaxes would not be popular.

    Letter size paper (the standard size used in offices etc) is 8 1/2 by 11 inches, slightly wider and shorter than A4. People who need binders this size buy FC or similar American brand so they can add other full-size pages as needed.


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