17 September 2010

Creative Filofax Dividers

Some of you have spotted this one already! But in case you haven't, take a look at this blog post:


Knowing that quite a few of you are very creative... more so than I ever will be... I'm sure this might inspire you to come up with some interesting designs for your section dividers.

Why not share them with us on the Philofaxy Flickr Group.


  1. How lovely of you to feature me here! Thanks for your fab comment :)

  2. Sarah, Jennie. You are very welcome, what I liked about your design was that you had not decorated the organiser itself, but you had concentrated on the section tabs.

    It means you can replace these easily with different designs as your mood or the seasons change.

  3. The designs are wonderful! I wish I could do that ...

  4. I wish I would be that creative :D

  5. Wow - very creative. Love them! Need to get to work on my beige tab dividers....

  6. Love the designs. Are they really complicated to do?


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