30 September 2010

Filofax on TV

If you are in UK, or you can receive UK Channel 4 via satellite TV in Europe. This Sunday 3rd October at 8.00pm UK time is the film 27 Dresses, which is you remember started off Erin's love of Filofax...

It is billed as a romantic comedy so it might have slightly wider appeal than you would think.

So be on the look out for the Filofax and let's see if we can identify the model and size... no prizes though... just a bit of fun.. report back in the comments on this post if you spot it.


  1. I watched it a little while ago and I'm certain that it's a Personal Topaz in an orangy-red colour (no longer available btw).

  2. After reading all the comments here and elsewhere about 27 Dresses and the Filofax in it, I finally borrowed it from a colleague and watched it last week. Fun movie, though not enough of the Filo! The extras on the DVD (interviews, commentary, cut scenes) were quite funny and interesting, so if you miss it on TV, go rent/buy/borrow the DVD and watch it all.


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