20 September 2010

Around the web this weekend

Whilst we catch our breath a little from a hectic weekend... well for me that is. May be take a moment to look at the following Filofax Blogposts from around the web:
Thanks to Judith for pointing out these two. Also if you use Google Chrome with the Translate add-on extension, it will automatically translate the pages in to your own language. Not perfectly, but good enough for most needs.
  • Filofax inserts - Shazza's Blog - Sharon has been venturing on to the French Filofax site, ce bonne!
  • Planner Permanence - Plannerisms - Interesting article by Laurie on archiving journals and the differences between using a Filofax or a bound planner.
  • Ephenera - World Explorer -  A whole bunch of Filofax blog posts here, which I don't think we spotted before. Some useful tips too. Specifically if you have a Fabric covered Filofax

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